Thursday, October 6, 2011

Importance of Self

Be thankful this day for the Importance of Self.

We all know and comprehend how important we are through our life role, yet it is our life defining our character. The character or person we choose to be in this life is to serve all of humanity, but we have to grow into the desired person. We are born ready to be this higher being, but what are the steps to getting there? The steps/choices are already made for us, yet there are some circle paths veering us off track, and leading us back on the main path. As our life progresses, we understand the choices made to be important to the whole of humanity. All of us at one point or another was or still is filled with ego, that we get caught in a trap of "no one is better than me". Humanity is one energetic force working in unison. No one is better than no one; it is the ego feeding the emotions of the moment signaling to the brain "I am the best!"  Yes we believe we are the best, because there is no current proof to show otherwise. As a sprinter in high school, I was always told by my coach, “there was always someone better than you.” In the world of competition, a Darwinian world, this is true, someone will always be better than you; this is a world we are moving away from. We are living in a world moving towards peace and harmony. The question now becomes how do we detach our ego and live in an internal place of true importance of self?

Where does our importance of self come from? Does it come from the desire for attention? Basically this is want the ego is, feeding the desire for attention in any form it can receive. The attention can be introverted or extroverted. We can be so shy as to those around us will pay us attention or so bold where people will gawk at us, in any case presented, we draw attention to us. That is how we feel self-important, by attaching a title or label to self or a situation. The importance of self is the awaking to knowing how important each individual is and humbly accept their role and who they are, with love. This is at times difficult to see or understand, because we become blind to what was asked for or given to us. This reason is why we are blind, because we have attached self to the "how our desire will appear to us". Our attention is so focused on what we desire to feel important, we miss what is truly there.  Our importance is not solely placed on who we are, but what we can contribute to world.

Our contribution is one of love. All we have to do is fill our hearts with love and acceptance. How can we perform such an action when we have been taught otherwise? This is where we have to deprogrammed all we learned and replace it new loving experiences. This is a process of "doing the work". We have to analyze our life to see how our life purpose/role fits into the quilt of humanity. We are much more than what we pretend to be. Even I had difficulties accepting my role in humanity as being a beacon of light for others. This was a role gradually stepped into. When there is a feeling of not being ready or prepared, we are more ready and prepared, than we truly know. We are more than we perceive. Our brain/ego gets in the way, tricking us; by saying we have more work to do. When we arrive at this point in our life, we have to live by faith and courage to know this is who are and this is what we are to do.

Who we are solely depends on our comment to live up to and honor the choices made in our life, with love. We must do the work! Our intuition guides us as to what we are to do. If we stand by the choices made, then we know we are honoring our comment. We are now more than ever being asked to make the choice and honor the role asked for in this life. Our life is one of transition and transformation. Each life moment transitions to the next seamlessly, while manifesting change within. It is when become consciously aware of the transformations, breakthroughs happens and living to our full potential. Remember we all have the choice to be stagnant or kinetic in the flow of life.

Our flow exist because, we are naturally flowing entities. We can be in the flow of giving and receiving, the flow of love, the flow of life itself. Our life consists of flows. When we are in the flow of life all is understood and nothing is taken for granted. In the flow, we know and humbly accept all transpiring acts. Most acts taking place are one of lessons, letting go, and of growth. The flow helps us to realize how important we are to the oneness of humanity, intuitively knowing we are all connected from one Source. When this understanding is reached as a whole, then we individually know how important we are to the rest of civilization and humanity as one.

Be thankful this day and everyday to define self through the role and work chosen to complete in this life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the contributions made to civilization and humanity.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the transformations made to live and honor all comments.


Feeling the emotional sting love more than admitted

the strength of face to save for others to see
having a desire
a longing to weep

Wanting to cry but unable
shed too many tears for lovely souls returning home
shed tears for hope
maybe my tear ducts is a desert

What is a soul to do when a sweet release of a tear can't run down to a frown
seeking outlets
seeking time
seeking peace
seeking me

My admition of wanting to feel in a world feeling nothing
compassion for the weak in one in the same for the strong who holds all eyes

I am afraid to be hurt again through emotional love

yet have courage to love self as intended

Delirium a temporary serum saving sanctity
a place where direction is lost
commune to the oneness that is
accepting the vibration
the frequency given and received
guiding the way back to the land of IS

All falling to the way side from the blind void

no longer full and realigned
this is me

A confession of the life living
filled with vigor and purpose
my soul

I confess to self to honor self

this is my way
these are my words the vibration I speak
resonate and echoes to shatter the old to birth a new
I confess...