Thursday, October 20, 2011


Be thankful this day for Daydreaming.

Daydreaming is our subconscious coming to conscious when our brain is idle and soul is still. Our subconscious holds the ideas and purposes for this life. Daydreaming allows our brain to process the steps to fulfill our purpose. While daydreaming, this is when we are most happy. We are creating a personal world of our liking and doing. The manifestation of this world we desire and deserve takes time to manifest. The time it takes to manifest is the time we have to hold the vision with love and intent, yet release it and recognize it when it's fulfilled. Also during this time this is when we become most discouraged, upset and settle. Personally speak; I still hold the vision of my purpose and living in my dream. It is very difficult to do so when there is no clarity and all there is faith. And at times faith feels like it is not enough to feel and see our way through the desired dream. The question now becomes, how do we continue to live the life of necessity while creating our dream world?

The life of necessity is just that, a life of necessity. While living in this human form, it deserves to be cared for and properly. It needs nourishment, rest, exercise, and mental stimulation, so we are constantly in a state of flow. Our soul knows what it desires, and in most points in our life it's on auto pilot and we are not aware of it. Our awareness becomes active when we fully become aware of self. This is a part of the daydreaming process, becoming aware of self. We come to a lucid state, tuning out the world and transport the mind to the point of inception. We travel back to our life planning session to view if what we are doing now is alignment with our being. Our soul knows what to do and is guided in the fulfillment process. The fulfillment process is different for everyone. We all have job and some of us enjoy our jobs, because it is our calling/purpose, while the rest of us do what is done to care for the human form and learn the lesson put forth by our own design or choosing. I do have a passion for my job, but have a love for my dream and purpose. We have to recognize the difference between the two, having a passion for the necessity and a love for the dream.

The passion for the necessity serves a purpose; and its aids in process of pouring the energy of love into the mundane of daily life situations and routines. Yes times it's spiritually painful to be in a place not allowing you grow, and to be your whole self. At the same time when you come to a place of self-awareness, you bring a certain level of passion or joy to the necessity allowing for growth and full expression. We all find the love in what we do, while bringing joy to others. When we are in a pure state of joy, you never know who you can touch and improve another's life while growing your own. Having a love for the dream is a feeling we all know and deserve. When we dream, why are dreaming? Most of us dream for the bigger house and fancy car, while others dream of just having enough. No matter the dream, it is to suite the dreamer. When we do dream, never play small or sell yourself short. We have an innate right to deserve the best our soul desires. Know we are in an abundant world, though materially it doesn't' seem that way. Most of us are stuck in the old mind-set of illusion, creating the appearance of wealth, while suffering or drowning in illusion created to serve selfish gains.

Our abundance doesn't come from material; it comes from the energy we put forth. All creations manifest as energy turning into matter. All inventions, ideas, materiel comes from the universal abundant energy. Think of it this way, the ocean is the universe all the water is the energy of thought, the clearer the water, the easier it is to navigate through, the darker the water, the more light is needed to navigate through. In the dark waters of the universe, we have to trust in the faith knowing our path is clear until we reach the light of clearer waters. All the while the abundant energy around us is creating our dream, so when we arrive to the light our dream is waiting for us. While on this journey, we have to know we are already living in our dream world.

Living in our dream, creating this vision is the more difficult task, but it is possible. With all circumstances, with all lessons, with all the pain (emotional and spiritual), we know in our heart we have arrived at our dream. The external life may not exhibit our dream, but our soul knows we are there if we just look deep enough and ask for guidance to arrive at a clearer place. Once we become clear in our desires to live the dream, all else falls into place and the steps of getting there makes perfect sense. Yet we have to find our dream. We have gotten so bogged down, by being on a paper chase or earning a living to live a life of necessity, we forgot the sensation of daydreaming. As children all we did was daydream. We dreamt about our perfect life from what we saw on TV or read about. Our imaginations ran wild and we were free. Now is the time to dream again, dream your biggest dream, nurture it with love, and watch it grow.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the abundant universal energy to assist you in fulfilling your dream.
Be thankful this day and everyday for your soul knowing your dream in how to fulfill it.
Be thankful this day and everyday to dream your dream and witness it being more than anything you expected it to be!

All in Time

All in time define the lessons learned from experience taken shaken left this soul achin’ change the thought process preparing for success accept nothing less

Time precious time
what appears to be time wasted is time of purpose without knowing the flow of life
The infinite energies that seeded in us all

Mood shifts drifts to time increments bent on explanations to understand the seconds mesh to all tenses and attempts to satisfy the senses
the true purpose

Planning desires from planted seeds of beginning flowing through veins to convey our image thoughts feelings willed the knowledge to do so

Discovery gifts talents along the path set fourth get sidetracked and double back the reinvention second chance your way or His way

Choices made and bathe in the glory of your decision of time has offered for you and able to accept it not deify it

Time heals
time constantly changes
time helps
time hinders
friend or enemy all in time is what you make of what was given