Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being Carefree

Be thankful this day for Being Carefree.

When we think of being carefree, we usually think of not having a care about anything. As loving souls we can never be carefree. We care from a loving and open heart. Being carefree is more of a feeling or sensation when one with the universal flow. This flow creates life moments of bliss. We all have favorite things we like to do bringing us innate joy and peace, in those moments we are carefree. Our sensations come from a much deeper place in our soul, perhaps extended to our first incarnation. When our souls are created, we understand what it means to be jovial, because it is who we are as souls. It is when you compress the soul into the human form, when all is forgotten or muddled. The sensations only arise when we are partaking in the moments of bliss. The question now becomes how do we extend the blissful moments or live in a continuous one?

Extended blissful moments can happen when we are present enjoying what we are doing. This may involve our brain not preforming tasks or functions. Just the other day I was riding my bike and when I usually ride my bike in the in the middle of the day, I have to become fully aware of cars and pedestrians, for my safety and theirs. On the return trip home my brain stopped preforming tasks and was on auto pilot. Then I spaced out and began to smile and thought to myself, "I really enjoy riding my bike." This was one my life moment of bliss. In this moment for me there was nothing but pure joy and being one with the universal flow, by doing what I love. In the culture we created, we have less of those moments. Most of do what we do because we have too, not for the love or joy of it. Even though we find ourselves living in situations out of necessity or being civil, we have look at the situation with our heart and find the love in what we do. Yes we struggle with doing what is right or make "sacrifices", but when we follow our heart, nothing is a sacrifice.

We all feel in order to live carefree and in the life desired, we all must make a sacrifice. This couldn't be farther from the truth. When you think about making a sacrifice, what are we really giving up? Our brain tells us we are making a sacrifice, but our soul knows we are doing the right thing by making more room for what is truly desired. This is something I'm still in the process of learning. Yes there are items, people, and situations needing to be released from the current life. The reason for the release is there is no longer a need for the item, person, or situation. We have learned what was desired by the soul. I know it may sound cold in a human thinking sense, but each soul understands and knows the role asked to be played in each other’s' life. I know by this point you the reader is thinking about your life and what disappoints you may have or holding on too. Disappoint only comes from someone not living up to their soul contract with you or expectations/human conditioned thinking. A soul contract is a contract between souls and what role they will play in your life, no matter how loving or harsh. It is the ones playing the harsh role we have to thank the most, because one they aid in the growth and development of self and two it is the most difficult role to play as loving souls. We all at some point have to release the disappointment, hoping to continue to learn what is desired in another form or make alterations.

When making life alterations to fit into life plan, do we just make do or seek the best options? In all cases, we have to be still. I personally understand the difficultly of being still, unless I'm in a meditative or sleep state. When we are still, our life looks clear and begin to have faith in our newness. Yet if we feel lost, we still have to be still. Being still aids us in living in the universal flow. Our source of flow is the Creator. Our flow is only stagnated, by the unreleasing of undesired present energies or entities in our life.  We also have to take a look within our self to sense any other stagnation, so our flow is fluid. Our life does happen as it is supposed to, but it is us who makes it more difficult than necessary.

As young children, our life was inquisitive and jovial one. It wasn't necessary to be filled with all now manifested as adults. Yes there are responsibilities we manifested as being adults, but why do what is done if there is no fun or passion involved? We will or have come to a conclusion; we are already living in our dream, one enriching the life of self and others. The question is do or will you recognize it when it shows up? Our bliss only depends on us, what we choose to do and be here. Do we make the most of who we are, the situations, and touch other souls from a place of love and compassion? These are questions I live you with to answer. Our blissful moment doesn’t have to be fleeing ones, but one of continuum.

Be thankful this day and everyday to see what brings you passion and fun into your daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the small moments of bliss to expand to a continuous one.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being free to be self, in the creation of universal flow.

Free to be Me

Free to me be
Releasing all energies imprinted on this soul
No longer controlled by outside forces

The illusions created to mask the truth
Now removed
Leading to the evolution of greatness

Bonded with the true essence of immortality
The Source of all creation
Released all intimidation

A sacred oath of words
Forming a bond between two
Creating the channel of wisdom
Honor is among the trust and trusted

Falling skies speaks truth
As the moon conceals the unspoken
Only to revel with the rise of a new

The mind is unchallenged
With words to say
Without harm
To find the peace in release of fallacies

Speaking in fragments
Speaking in tongue
The only one has won

A barrier created
Through cues of misunderstood emotions
A wave of shifts to anchor feelings leading to thoughts

All there truly is
Is just me
Created a connection of what there is
Just me
Released all that isn’t me
Leaving just me

Free from the prison that held me
I am the captive and captured
I am responsible and the hold the key to my freedom

This is me living life as it should be

Free to learn
Free to live
Free to love
Free to enjoy
Free to experience
Free to confide and no longer hide
Free to be me