Thursday, December 16, 2010


Be thankful this day for Peace.

Peace is the acceptedness of a moment or situation caused by surrendering to Higher Self or Divine Source. Peace can often times be mistaken for weakness. In a society where we created "might is right” or "survival of the fittest", those of us choosing to surrender our will instead of imposing our will is seen as inferior. It takes much strength and wisdom to see the greater picture evolving and when to know to forge ahead or surrender to moment.

Peace is stillness of recognizing the moment created, the moment we created. The moment is filled with love, joy, elatedness and other spectrums of love. Yet in moments where there is "chaos", we have to find the lesson in it and love it to find peace to accept it. Once we find peace in a chaotic moment, we know there is love. Our Higher Self already sees the peace and love in every moment, our human brain has to surrender to our Higher Self in chaotic moments. We have to take responsibility for the moments we create on Earth and in our lives, whether it's collectively of individually. Once we take the responsibility we can find the love in it to bring peace and balance to each moment.

All collective moments start individually, and then spread to other individuals creating a collective conscious. A quote from one of my favorite movies "give a man an idea, then he creates an institution". Now as collective we have a responsibility to create the idea of peace, to have an institution of peace on Earth. The Divine didn't create Earth for us to dislike one another, to have wars, to have famine, the Divine created Earth for us to love one another and have abundance in all things. Earth is an institution of love, peace, abundance and life lessons. Peace is an enduring way of life.

I know most of you are thinking about varying instances where "I was the victim". I know what I'm about to say may shock or surprise you, but it’s true. There are no victims in life. We all on some level chose to experience what we did and in the end we are better for going through the experience. Yes this is even true terminal illnesses or the like. Yes, a very difficult realization, even I had to come to grips with that aspect to find peace and love, as it’s very personal. One advice I will offer you with those who struggle or know those who are struggling with an illness, see them as healthy and full of vitality. Our thoughts add to their well-being. As souls we chose a life path and the lessons in it to learn from. In essence these lessons will make us better healers, communicators, and a better humanity as a whole. So now we must love and have gratitude for the experience making us who we become. By loving the experiences, we can make peace with them and eventually dissolve them. We also must practice forgiveness of self to make peace with roles played in each "victim" experience. Remember be the change you desire to see. Yes it is a lot of work, but worth it to heal your life and others. We have to release our own victim ideas and make peace with them. Each life is connected and once we heal, we can help others to heal for the life we chose to experience.

Peace is a challenging road, but worth all the rewards reaped. The question now becomes how do we find peace in our self? Finding peace is different for each soul. How you find peace and make amends to your Higher Self is upon you. I leave you with this message to be open for peace will find you, if so desired.

Be thankful this day and everyday for accepting the role played to experience your life as desired.
Be thankful this day and everyday for creating a new institution of peace on Earth.
Be thankful this day and everyday for finding peace within you and sharing it with the world.

Warrior’s Road

To walk a path of honor
Of hardships
Of understanding
Of having everything
Having security in the ultimate power
Knowing that gift and to reveal it
To never use
To throw down your gauntlets in satisfaction
And walk away with your head high with new found pride