Thursday, December 23, 2010


Be thankful this day for cycles.

There are two types of cycles, one to perpetuate learned or self destructive behaviors and the other to sustain life. Both cycles are created to protect us, the soul from any form of harm. As individuals and a collective we create these cycles unconsciously. The cycles are created to numb any sensation felt from previous experiences to protect us, the soul, from harm whether it is emotional, mental or physical. The question now becomes; how to we break a cycle protecting us?

From personal experience, I went years living in a cycle unconsciously created. My cycle was created to protect myself from emotional harm and not allowing people to get to close to me, when I once wore my heart on my sleeve. To finally break any cycle, we first must become aware of it, and then acknowledge it. Once it is acknowledged, we can analyze it to understand why we created it. Then and only then can we move forward to heal and break the cycle. The work involved is intense, with a lot of realizations. All that was once discarded or disregarded resurfaces to confront the reasons why we became less of who we truly are. Times the perpetuated cycle does us more harm, by living in what we think is a protective bubble. The bubble can only protect us for so long, until we have to confront our own creations.

We are the spark, the off spring, and the creations of the Divine Source. The Divine created life cycles to for us to benefit from. On a physical level we go through a continuous life cycle. As young children the cycle is rapid. The rapid cycle is filled the physical growth, mental development and emotional content. As young children, we take in a lot of information at once. The absorption of the information taken in sets the tone for our life.  The energy fed into us creates a cycle of habitual behaviors. Some of us still carry the habits created as children, yet some of us are aware of some of them. Also on a physical level we have cells regenerating daily and other bodily functions repeating so fast our brain is yet to fully comprehend all of what our body does. On an energetic level, cycles are a little different. Take the cycle of the moon for example and its connection to the water. How the moon pushes and pulls the tide and the water allows it. We are connected to all universal energies in the same way. We allow the universal energy to push and pull us. From the time of conception we are infused with universal life energy. The life energy, our soul, incarnates and develops in a body. From there every seven years our energy cycle is renewed and more energy is added to the current energy. The energy I refer to are the chakras. The chakras help to govern the soul's development. Each developmental stage opens up new accesses to a wealth of energy to guide us to be whole, bringing harmony and balance into everyday life.  The energy cycle sustains our well-being and aides us to live a desired life.  

Each cycle creates a sense of security, yet they all change. Each cycle changes we be become aware of it and the attachment to it. We then must release the attachment, thus releasing the cycle. Remember we are our own creations and the creations of the Divine. Each cycle serves a purpose, whether if it’s to help heal or sustain us. All cycles provide a level of awaking and balance. Each cycle offers levels of accession and soul development. There is no separation from what we create, they are we and we are them.

Be thankful this day and everyday for being a witness to be awakened from cycle created.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the life energy cycles to sustain and develop us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the ascension gained through life cycles.

More Of Me (MOM)

More of me
Not what you use to see
Allowing me to be
No less of the predecessor a successor of fate
All else lie in wake

Little by little
Piece by piece all is deceased
Now nurturing a side hidden in plain sight

A crack in the shield revealing light
Beaming freedom of old new
Leaving only light
A refraction and attraction of allowance
Of desires

Getting to the root of self
Uncovering the brush of stuff from seasons past
The sweet release of bitterness

Accessing core of thought
Orb of life
Spark of creation
Divine me

Becoming more me
Knowing there is more of me to give
An ascension beyond Earthly realms
Recognizing it was always there
I’ve always been me
Now there is more of me