Thursday, December 2, 2010


Be thankful this day for communication.

We communicate with dozens of people daily, whether if it's through technology, or more natural means. Technology has given us multiple ways to communicate with family friends and even strangers. Through technology, we have become a society of instant gratification. Everything has to be readily available. This thought process has spilled over into other life faucets and even made us very demanding and less grateful. As humans we communicate with our words and body. As spirits we use our mind and energy. The brain translates the minds unspoken words for us to speak and the body correlates the vibrational energy for to speak without words. How we communicate with another being speaks to our relationship with them, but more so how we feel about our self.

We communicate with our self more than anyone else. The voice in our head, our consciousness or Divine Self, speaks to us in a manner easily understood. This guides us in pursuit to fulfilling our overall purpose of joy. Our voice also prevents us from doing harm to self and others, though at times it is over written. Our Divine Self helps us to understand our role on Earth. The understanding we desire or already know is recognized when we come into full awareness of Self. Our understanding comes from the Divine Source and is translated by the Divine Self for our human brain to comprehend the sole purpose leading to joy. Once all is understood, we come into full alignment with Self and purpose.

How we communicate with self or others plays an important role in the daily life as a human. As spirits we are use to communicating telepathically. For us to create sound was once a difficult task. It was something we had to learn as a child. To us the mind as a means of communication comes natural to us, yet it was a forgotten practice, because it does not serve us on Earth. Being sensitive beings, how we speak can be easily misconstrued. The tonality, inflection, or even the order of words can completely change the meaning of a statement. Being sensitive beings, we can easily take offense to a statement or communicative action. However some of us don't take offense to the words or actions directed towards us. This is due placement of understanding of the purpose of a particular communication. Some of us will call it tough skin or a built up tolerance from the misinformed. The key is the golden rule, "treat others as you wish to be treated", the same is true when communicating, talk to others the way you wish to be talked too.

Both as humans and spirits, we speak with such emotion. Our emotions covey the story of the moment we are in. We are naturally expressive beings and we show/share the expressive moment with our words and actions. Just think to all the moments in your life where you had joy and how it was expressed, the tone in your voice, and the bodily actions. The same is true for the opposite emotions. We are inherently communicative beings. The many forms of communication aid in the development of self and can affect others around us. Remember we are sensitive beings and can pick up on others, whether we are aware of it or not. How we feel can time affect a whole room of people. This is why it is important to be aware of self and yes even talk to yourself.

Now taking is a step further, how we communicate with other life forms, animals, plants and situations, impacts the affection, growth or outcome by the emotion carried in words used. Our communication/voice is just another frequency of energy. What the frequency is; is determined by you. The frequency of communication is vibrational energy be shared and taken in by others. Think of it this way, you are listening to the radio station or watching the news. There are a few hundred listening or watching the same thing. Now what you a listening too or watching evokes a certain emotion. The others listen or watching respond in a similar manner. The reason for this is the emotional frequency the message is carried on. To take it a step further, the previous scenario, but what you are listening too or watching is being share with others in a room. The emotional frequency is magnified to the close proximity of others. We become aware of others feelings or sensations. This is an inherent behavior of being a spiritual being.
Communication is an important marker in the life experience. How our body communicates with us, how mind translates Divine information, how we communicate with others and how we communicate with self. Technology advanced our reach/distance and how we communicate with others. No matter the form of communication, we must be aware of the frequency used to communicate with others. The emotional frequency used can impact one's life or lives, if we are not carefully. Remember we are all connected and thoughts and emotions are shared on the same frequency. What we say, how we act, does impact others in a collective space. I'm not saying you have to be joyous all the time, but love, respect and honor the shared space. Our communication is one voice shared by the Divine Source.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the technological means to commune with others.
Be thankful this day and everyday to commune with the Divine Source and Self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to share the same emotional frequency to communicate.


A form of expression written spoken sung that begun with simple thoughts brought to life that I give to share bare my mind my soul picking up the shattered pieces of life torn by words

Like a fist battered and bruised rouge black and blue
mentally unstable that form words into syllables that scare the heart sinks to the pit of your stomach weighing you down causing an endless frown anger and pain retribution times the only solution

Like a bandage that heals the womb in time perseverance faith strength mentally sound stable as solid ground profound provoking thoughts to ease the heart soon to lift up from the pits of your stomach this natural high this undying unconditional love that leads to a utopia your space your worth

Your spoken words that are heard by listening ears inflict more damage than a fist times inflicted like a kiss before that mind has spoken think of unspoken the hidden the between the lines fine print God sent billboards neon signs use the divine intellect to choose your words wisely confide in yourself before you confront your friend or foe see the facts before you act

All in love
All in intent
All that is spoken is meant for that moment in time
My thoughts
My words
My lips
Your thoughts
Your attention
Your ears
All everyone speaks
All everyone hears