Thursday, July 1, 2010


Be thankful this day for your soul.

Many of us question what our soul is. When most of us thinks about our soul, we think about our personality and various characteristics to make us unique. That part is true as it is to identify us from others. However, our soul is more than just a unique signature.  It is the energy carrying this vessel, this human body. Our soul is our essence, part of the spark of life connecting us to each other and all that truly IS. The soul is us, our intuitive guide during this incarnation of life. It's like having your own internal tour guide. When we think of ourselves or unique signature, how we look, dress, act, speak and listen, we tend to forget about our soul. Daily we think we are being led by the processes of the mind, but it's our soul working on a super-conscious level speaking to other levels of consciousness. The super-conscious works on a deeper level than our subconscious. The subconscious preforms involuntary and motor functions. The super-conscious draws from past or in-between life experiences to guide you in fulfilling your purpose and work chosen for this incarnation. With each incarnation we enter into a partnership with ourselves, host body and God.

This eternal partnership was created at the birth of our creation from God. Our creation was for a reason to experience various levels of emotions, situations, capabilities, and faculties. Our soul agreed to experience each life to the fullest while fulfilling its purpose(s). With each life experience, we learn and grow, both spiritually and physically and times exceed self imposed limitations and expectations. Through the achievement of said experiences, the self burden is lifted. We must come to realize we are more than flesh, muscles, blood, organs, and cells. We are energy manifested first. All else is secondary, yet necessary to experience life on Earth. Our soul is designed to fully engage life in the many facets the human mind created, though conceived spiritually. Aside from our soul being a guide, it is our protector, refuge and sanctuary from all harm. Our soul is a piece of God and for this reason alone, we all shall live harmoniously and joyously among each other. We are ultimately connected, being birthed from one Source, God.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the sustaining energy your soul provides.
Be thankful this day and everyday for connection we have to others through our soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love, joy and birth given to us by our Creator, God.


Apart of He created form the earth we walk
a single cell one day the bell will toll for all souls

A tenacious vessel carries me
able to preserver through trials of life
as I sustain revive my vessel becoming my sanctuary

As I speak to you
believing in the words spoken from past lives
longing for an understanding of what I am soon to be
accept me
then come one day no surprise I’ve taken over

Accomplished the deeds of  this vessel
laid to rest soon to be renewed
the eyes gaze beyond the sky
looking for my new sanctuary
feeding off the elements

I am your core
I made you whole
just like the air you don’t see
you believe
you breathe me

Protecting me
those who deserve and saving the disbelievers
whenever they call
whenever they fall
traveling through space and time intertwine with beings