Thursday, July 22, 2010


Be thankful this day for compassion.

Compassion is having a general love and understanding of your fellow man. This lower frequency of love offers and gives respect to the spiritual beings we all are. As a collective, we always say respect is earned and not given. We must honor the spirits we are and share space with, yet we loose respect for others as humans who have conflicting interest, selfish motives, or harmed us in anyway. It's ok to have the lost of respect of a person, but be sure it's for the right reasons. Our integrity comes from the honor and compassion we give ourselves. What we give ourselves, we give to others. It's ok for us to lighten our load or redefine our honor and compassion if we are bringing harm unto self. As humans, we are very critical of ourselves and opinions from others, thus inducing or introducing harm into our life. With the created harm, we loose compassion for ourselves, others and eventually the world we live in. On the same token, we lost compassion for what we created. We created violence, diseases, and other forms a pain, yet some of us can't stomach it, understandably so.There are those of us who carry this pain for years, causing us physical harm and evolving into aliments, thus adding to the collective pain by example. Those of us rich in a love see the ailing world and want so much to heal the wombs created by the collective. We have to examine ourselves to understand the root cause of the pain created, carried and overlapping in the many facets of life. Once this is understood, as individuals we can begin the healing process of ourself and be an example for others. 

Times we create from a place of love and loose the compassion for it, this is a shift in consciousness and purpose. The purpose for that particular creation, job, role or means has been satisfied. We continue to move forward in the compassion for other purposes. We often wonder why we change jobs, try new experiences or seek guidance. We are searching for the lost compassion we have for life itself and the purpose to fill it. Compassion is not feeling sorry for yourself or others, it is understanding the love of self, others, purpose and world. This new understanding grants new opportunities of growth. All growth comes from understanding the emotional and spiritual space we are in. Compassion is transferable to all aspects of life, ultimately gaining knowledge of self and universal truths. All things were created with compassion and love. We should honor all creations with the same compassion they were created for. This is a task asking of time, patience and change in perception. Know we are all tied together from one Source and Creation, living in oneness. 

Be thankful this day and everyday for the honor we give each other as spiritual beings.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the compassion we give all creation.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being tied together form the compassion of creation.

The simplicity of just being
Uniting with higher self to become one with one that is
Purely accept self without worldly excess

The river flows
Birds fly
Flowers bloom
Wind blows
Simply because they are fulfilling their function
Their purpose

The stars twinkle
The sun shines
The moon glows
All exist together with one function
With simplified beauty

We are one in the flow of timeless life
We simply are
We are more of the less we create

Being in and aware of the moment in the isness of life manifested to the true essence of the first incarnation

Simply I am
Simply knowing
Simply being
Simply living simply is as it should be