Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personal Evolution

Be thankful this day for personal evolution. 
As humans our physical self evolves naturally. As spiritual beings we evolve through self awareness. There is little control in the physical evolutionary process. Our appearance is due to the attributes given to us from the gene pool of our family and birth parents. Though there are times where we are unhappy with this appearance, we alter ourselves with surgeries or harsh beauty regiments to become more pleasing to our own eye. The result of this can stem from verbal or physical abuse as a child, other forms of neglect or not receiving the proper love. As a collective we pay a lot of attention to our physical self and neglect the spiritual self. By no means am I saying you shouldn't look and feel your best. We all should, but think about why you want to alter your appearance.What will you satisfy if you do? When we are unhappy with our appearance, there is obviously a much deeper issue we must acknowledge. With the acknowledgment of the issue, our self perception changes. We begin to look at ourselves differently and become "lost", confused, or even clouded in judgment. When these emotions arise and views change, it is the sign of personal/spiritual evolution, yet if we give in to the same feelings, we devolve. As an individual, you must look deeper within self and have conversations with God, self, a family member, friend, or confidant. We seek answers to questions, we already have the answers too. Those closet to us reaffirm our own truths.

These truths are written on your soul. Yes, we feel lost, confused, misguided, less than what we "know" ourselves to be, however it is the painful process of growing. Think of a toddler asking their parents twenty questions, they are new to the world and they look to them for guidance. Now think of yourself asking the same or similar questions, knowing what you know now. It can be difficult to change your perception of what you already know.The truth is nothing really ever changes, just the perception of it. Our soul knows' the truth of it all, yet we were misled by the earlier teachings of the world. We forgot who to trust and have faith in. We must have trust and faith in ourselves and the Creator, not matter how much it hurts spiritually. Times life situations call for a complete examination to fully grasp our purpose, our own personal truth. The discovery of this truth brings unbridled joy. This joy is unlike any other joy. It's a joy that can not be shaken, no matter what life has presented to you in the moment. Being in the "now" aides in the personal evolution. It helps us to appreciate our perception of self, others and the world as it simple is. The change of perception is the awakening process of self evolution. Self evolution is the understanding and acceptance of your own personal truth derived from the soul. 

Be thankful this day and everyday for acknowledgment to grow inward to nurture true self perceptions.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the truth of self being reaffirmed to us through a trusted support network
Be thankful this day and everyday for the acceptance of the true perception of spiritual evolution. 

Evolution of Space
Sitting in the vastness of the space that truly is
Walking through the invisible energy of life

The perceived space in never empty just unseen
Feel the tug of creation created by self compelled to just be

Over filling the space with excess later to pare down to the necessary to appreciate what is given
Now having the desired abundance

Clearing the space birthed to make room more
Moving on in courage and faith to accept the now life has given

The bravery of self existence in a place of acceptance and love
Knowing all is bigger than self
Just a fraction of Source

One space shared by many with one purpose
The collective growth and individual development

Who is and what is the space evolved from
Meager beginnings to abundant grandeur of purpose with passion

The vastness of oneness now understood with respect to self and honor to others
Harmony and love above all else

Now sitting in the evolved space of oneness
Of love
The original creation of experience

One space
My space
All space evolved from the inception of creation from the first incarnation

The evolution is a constant change of space
Expand and contract through the acceptance of our creation of purpose

We are a matter of space evolved to energy manifested
We are time
We are infinite
We are space evolved