Thursday, June 3, 2010


Be thankful this day for trust.

Trust offers us peace and security in the life we live. Actually peace and security makes trust. Peace is the emotional aspect, while security is the physical. It allows us to open ourselves up to family, friends, and strangers. This level of openness provides a sensation running through every emotional facet of life. Trust is also coupled with love, safety, care, hope, and many other underlined emotions. Not only does trust heighten our emotional states, it aides in our physical actions. Do we trust ourselves enough to love with an open heart, preform acrobatic feats or simple daily tasks. What makes us so trusting to others? We understand why we are trusting to family. We have the courage to meet new people and welcome them into our lives. Over a period of time we trust them as well. The trust we give ourselves is the same trust we extend to others. If we offer peace and security to ourselves, then it is given back. Yes I know, now there are instances where we trust with a whole heart and it's still taken advantage of. What then? Even though we leave ourselves open, and become vulnerable to having hurt emotions and insecure about ourselves, It's the peace and security we have within us to withstand the trauma taken place. We all know trust is more than the emotional gauge of feeling comfortable with ourselves and others. Trust is very fragile and easily broken. The broken trust results in having less faith in the one who broke the trust and ourselves. We start to second guess our choices in life until the trust can be rebuilt. How can it be rebuilt and fortified?

Trust is apart of our intuition as well. It guides us to knowing what is right, how to act, and being open to possibilities. As a collective we have trust issues. We feel someone is always out to "get us". You may call is paranoia or insecurity. The fact is we have it look in us to understand why we don't trust ourselves. To heal the broken trust, we must find compassion in us to understand the insecurity. With the understanding comes forgiveness. This is how the broken trust in us is healed, then we can relearn to trust others. Unless someone, even yourself gives any doubt to the healing process it won't work. We must let go of any thought of previous transgressions of trauma. The soul can only carry so much before it gives up and requires healing of it's own. We must remain aware of the trust given and received to know the boundaries allowed to be crossed. The crossed boundaries is a sign of respect in trust.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the peace and security we have daily within us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the openness given and received by us and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the respect of trust gained through life exploration.
Always Been

Always been a soul
Always been energy
Always been what I am
Always been a vessel

These things are true
Time and space created me
Brought me here and continues to sustain me

Always been a poet
Always been a thinker
Always been observant
Always been thought provoking

Ever morphing to understand the world created by God
Separate from society
Giving you mental orgasms

Always been hidden
Always been seen
Always been inspiring
Always been known

Learning an inspiration of my presence
Opening minds only to realize my purpose of creation leaving no casualties

Always been able to soar
Always been free spirited
Always been infectious
Always been colorful

Being one of a kind
Once in denial now embrace my true nature handed to me made before thee

Always been confident
Always been unique
Always been shy
Always been eccentric

Shattering the shell
Shedding the youth to understanding the metamorphous of adulthood
Learning and accepting change

Always been a healer
Always been a caring
Always been generous
Always been selfish

Once looking for self satisfaction and gratification lead to mistakes of misunderstanding only to learn to be clear in the meaning portrayed in life

Always been universal
Always been focused with a fierce intent
Always been a sponge for knowledge
Always been proud of self

Analytical of every situation then to recover
Accepting of what was meant to be
The evolution of self

Always been fascinating
Always been stimulating
Always been amazed of natural wonderment
Always been a believer

Focusing on the surrounding energy
Finding my place among abundant clouds of energy only to be the nucleus

Always been a warrior
Always been a survivor
Always been fearful
Always been courageous

Embracing the confidence instilled in my being
Now able to stand before all to make myself known
Showing mercy to like souls

Always been a listener
Always been forgiving
Always been more than one
Always been more than I know

Now emerging as a leader
Follow me
Truthfully accepting my destiny
Changing lives

Always been life
Always been me
Always been living life
Always been