Thursday, June 10, 2010


Be thankful this day for accountability.

Accountability offers us peace of mind and security. Our own personal accountability take place daily with the words, actions and thoughts. To some degree we take responsibility for what occurs in our life, the portion we control. It is when somethings goes awry or beyond our control, accountability is lost. This is when the "blame game" takes place. However, when someone steps up to account for the situation at hand, a peace has come over the situation and everyone is calm. When there is an outcome to our disliking, we are shameful. Then we attempt to hide what has occurred and then become filled with guilt. These emotions of shame and guilt, couple with the action of hiding are common among those who feel lost. The emotionally lost desire direction. The reason for their actions and emotions is to find direction to account for their life. What have I contributed to the world sustaining me? What can I account for in my life that matter of made a difference? These are questions I once asked myself. When we look at ourselves in moments of despair, conflicts, or depression, we must review our life actions and be honest with ourselves. It is the smallest action often going unnoticed. There are times where we brighten someone's day or brought comfort to another. Being accountable strengthens our soul and fills us with courage and confidence. Our personal accountability starts the cure of a whole.

As a collective we are less accountable. When there is a multitude of people to blame, we do. It's a protective instinct. When we see an out, we take it, even if it means blaming another in the crowd. This action solves nothing, especially if the victim of the blame is an innocent by-standard. Now you have created guilt and shame for self, then you have to hide and cover your tracks. This does no one any good. This shows the lack of confidence in an individual to sacrifice the collective. We all have been in a situation where we knew the person responsible for a misdeed. However no one told the authoritative person. We all knew the result. We all suffered the consequence, until one person cracked. Then we all complained and called them out their name, though secretly some of us was happy they told. What are we sacrificing and gaining by taking someone else's accountability? What are they loosing when they don't step up? As an collective accountability we can end so much violence, crime and hardships just by being accountable for the occurrences in our own lives. Once accepted, we become masters of our fate and examples for others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for strength our personal accountability provides us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons learned sacrificing our own accountability.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the for becoming masters of out fate through accountability.

Rose Colour

Seeing the world with black and white noise all that surround shaded to fit the mesh of life

The darkened days followed by the absence of purpose soon to be enlightened with the colour of optimism lined with silver

The positive flows to and through your being as the sea of energy washes the negative left standing resilient eyes open to the colour of the day