Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will of Expectation

Be thankful this day for will of expectation.

Will of expectation is similar to the law of attraction in how it works. Will of expectation helps to create a level of expectation in our life. Both as a collective and as individuals we are solely responsible for the outcome or expectation of a situation we are in control in. However, we are in control of most situations we are in, though it may not seem like it. The situation at hand, that we have "no control" over is manifested from our sub or super consciousness. Not much thought is given to expectation, unless we are conscious of it. Example, we expect to wake up daily or expect to get paid for the work we do. Those expectations are "known" variables in our life and not given much thought. When the unexpected happens then we are meet with anger, frustration and resistance. However sub or super consciously, we created the situation, by thinking thoughts not align with our purpose or we have a sense of unworthiness. The will of expectation works at a mental level, while the law of a attraction works on both levels, mental and physical. The will of expectation is the mental aspect of of the law of attraction.

As a collective, we have been conditioned to think for an immediate action, there is a reaction or consequence, thus creating an expectation of the action taken. What about the actions not taken or consciously aware of? Those actions take place as well, we don't acknowledge them. By reconditioning our thought patterns, we can create a level of expectations for situations, yet to occur. These thoughts of expectations must by pure in purpose, genuine and filled of self-worth. Example, if you expect to be a millionaire, a best selling author, success or fame, you have to align it with your life passion. What about expectations not align with purpose or passions? You can create the same level of expectation, but through intentions of purpose or good will. Once we begin to recondition our thought patterns, new levels of expectations will take place.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the responsible taken for our expectations and outcomes.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expectations to be in alignment with our passions and purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to create new levels of expectations of good will and intentions to serve humanity.

The Absolute

Two guarantees
Life given
Life taken
The moving of a soul for centuries an end leaving traces of essence to pick up and start again

Having a duty
Having a dream to sustain the vessel chosen
Understanding limitations to surpass only to complete what is and will be

All the in-between time filled with desires only understood by self and made clear to those to intersect the life path 

Returning the favor of life to self recovering from the strain of pain aimed to the soul surviving for centuries damaged for one life time

Leaving behind worldly possessions with a satisfaction of a job well done
Soaring through clouds in absolution of life