Thursday, May 20, 2010

Certainty of Faith

Be thankful this day for certainty of faith.

As a collective, we all contain some level of faith. But, what makes our faith strong? We all experience trials of faith. We can experience trails as a collective or an individual.These trials can shake our existing faith, resulting in weakened or strengthened faith. The sign of strength is our certainty. The knowledge of and from God, Creator and Source that His children are taken care of, no matter what. In times of great trials or unexpectedness, our certainty of faith is tested. This certainty comes from our actions. Our actions can vary from situation to situation. If we talk and act as if all is taken care of, then all will be taken care of. It is in the manner of how all is viewed the trial. During the trial we can sit and wallow in our sadness, anger, frustration or guilt. These groups of emotions can manifest in to a form of medication, "addictions". It is how we lift ourselves up in during the trial to give us more strength in certainty of faith. However, we will experience the same trial more than once. The reason for multiple trials is to see what we have learned. If we take the time to reflect on our past reactions, will there be a difference in how we react to the same or similar situation.

Our reaction to these various trails will determine our growth both as a soul and human. Once we gauge our reaction to the situation, we must give it thought to its occurrence. To fully understand this trial, we must take ourselves out of the equation. The situation is objective and we became subjective to it. The majority of us analyze the situation through ego. We often play the blame game, though it may seem like it's just our trial, it very well could be the trial of another.There is always a lesson to come from the trial and the people involved. Often times the people involved are a reflection of self or how you desire to be. This will help us to better understand the trial and measure of it. On a deeper level of our certainty of faith we must be in the moment of now and simply be secure in the knowledge of all is taken care of. Are we at peace with what just occurred, if so then you have graduated to the next level of your life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the trials experienced to strengthen our soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday knowing no matter what, all is taken care of, I am taken care of.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the peace and security washing over you.


Putting positive energy out in to the universe
say it with love
say it with conviction
say it from the heart
pray on it and it is yours
ask the Lord and it shall be yours

The power is in prayer
sincere hold dear to your heart
for He knows your troubles and your needs
by putting all your faith in He and He will deliver