Thursday, April 22, 2010


Be thankful this day for patience.

As a collective, we have created a world where everything is important or urgent on some level of self importance. How can we be in the"now" when all is now? Meaning how can we enjoy the present moments of our lives, when everything is important. Understanding the duties of life and all we wish to accomplish, things do happen in there time. We have to stop and think why all we do is hurried. What is the motivating factor? For some of us it's money, others it's fear. When various industries have to use artificial ingredients and growth hormones to feed and clothe us, what does that say about us? Everything has to be right now! Keeping in mind underlining life circumstances, there are exceptions. We have to take time to cultivate our life to fulling enjoy what has been given.

Look at the trees, flowers, plants, and animals, they all have patience. They do fine on their own, with little to no help from us, with very few exceptions. They grow to magnificence and fulfill their role in this life, from giving us air to breath, shade to sit under, fragrance to smell, or simply comfort us. It's when we impose our sense of urgency, their life is cut short.They have the care of God, as do we. This level of care is extended to us from God, however we are in such a rush to see it. Yes we have our free will to do as we please, but it's patient ear listening and waiting for guidance and reflection that flourishes. We must understand the wheels of "time" are infinite and never stop. It may take years for us to complete a worth while project or to be free from habitual habits. What good is life if we don't have the patience to enjoy it? We have to reteach ourselves to have love and patience for who we are and what we do. When we work from passion or purpose, patience follows naturally. Patience is acceptance of the naturally flow and evolution of life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for cultivating our lives through patience.
Be thankful this day and everyday for patient care received from God.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural evolution of life through patience.

This virtuous trait of so few
Builds strength builds character
Instills faith in one self
Instills faith in objects of affection
Never giving up hope

This virtuous trait so beautiful
A caterpillar being reborn as a butterfly
The first snowflake freezing the earth
The first blade of grass breaking through the earth
Thirty days ‘til the next full moon
Reflection dancing upon the lake
Followed by dusk a jewel in the sky

This virtuous trait painful
Containing feelings of a love that is unattainable
Fooling yourself that it is in your pocket
Cool playing by all the rules
Love is led weighing you down
Heart sore from the salt
Wonder is it partly my fault

This virtuous trait brings rewards
Expect the unexpected detected from experience
Time heals all wombs
Twist and turns new rules are learned
Friends see you through all
Feelings no longer contained share bare the sleeve
Somewhere in time love will be realized
Rep what you sow accomplish your goal
Fulfill your fate follow your heart
Adore the time that passes