Thursday, April 29, 2010


Be thankful this day for names.

Names are more than the labels we have to identify us and objects. The names given to objects are defined or categorized by us. This makes it easier for our minds to grasp the purpose of the object. The names we have are chosen by us, our souls. Times our parents don't hear us when we spiritually speak to them, telling them what we desire our name to be. On a small level this can create an identity problem, but seldom does. There is power in the names we speak. This power comes from the strength of the soul with the name. This soul, like all souls has cultivated an identity to make it self unique. Whether if it's through a nickname or pseudonym. These names breath life into the body for the soul. We can either give or take the identity and power away from a name by how it is used.

There are other names or words given power from the majority of the collective mind. These names and words I wish not to mention. When we abbreviate a person's name, speak out of turn, misuse, call them out of their name,
without their permission it is a sign of disrespect. Everyone's name is sacred. This all goes back to the power we have over our name and how we choose to it. It is when we let others mistreat our name, rendering its power, our life. Our name is the simplest thing about us, yet it renders the most power. It's our connection to God, our ancestors, and all life that is. This how God, Angels and other Spirits identify us, to come to our aide or listen to prayers. As a collective we must be mindful in how we use our name as well as others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the identity created.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the strength of our soul to carry our name.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the power our name has and the respect it receives.

What's In A Name?

Now a name consist of a first last sometimes a middle name
It also consist of constants and vowels.

What does a name mean?
My birth name is different one of a kind unique like me
Now a name could have no meaning
It is the person that gives the name its meaning
Just like naming an inanimate object or our body parts, jimmy, peter, dick, kitty cat, the garden, penis vagina

Pseudonym my stage name Phantasm
Sit back and imagine the figment of the mind
Giving you thoughts to ponder
Going back basics a name is a word has meaning Webster gives you the clue too

Names related to fashion hugging your waist clutching your cleavage even providing your vision

Many religions many names blaspheme that is not the key

Now what's in a name
Think about it before you use anyone's name in vain