Thursday, April 8, 2010


Be thankful this day for intention.

Intention is the driving force behind all our choices. What is our intention when we wake, go to work, go to school, or have our own business. Motivation is a part of the drive for our intentions. Most of us get upset when our intentions are misunderstood. However, when we follow our heart to fulfill the desire of helping others, our deed is done. Example, when we decide to aide a homeless person on the street, whether we give them change or food, our intention is to help them, to show kindness, and give with an open heart. Our intention has been fulfilled. When the homeless person decides to refuse the food or takes the money to purchase alcohol or drugs, our intentions are skewed. We should not be upset with a total stranger who skewed our intentions, because they initially had another intention. Our deed was done when we turned over the food or money to them.

We are God creations. He intended for us to experience life. Yet, often His intentions are skewed through our free will and yet He is not angry with us, we are not punished, nor judged. Those are the attitudes we take on as our intention is misunderstood. Just because we have the ability to take a life, break up a family, or be less then how we are, doesn't mean we should. Our intentions are felt by others in the world. The emotions tied to our intentions aides in the impact felt by others. This is why we feel joyfulness or disappointment by a choice made, if the intention of our choice came across clearly and was fulfilled or vice versa. Our choices are followed by the intentions we make daily. If we choose to work or not work, what is the intention or motivation behind it. All we do comes from intention. These intentions can be selfish, loving or giving in nature. We must be clear in our intentions and make them known. With clear intentions, we can steer away from being misunderstood.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the driving force to make clear choices.
Be thankful this day and everyday for emotional guide of our intentions.
Be thankful this day and everyday for fulfilling the intentions of your heart with courage.

Intellectual Insight

Internally seeking higher self
While communicating with the creator
Developing new found senses of meditation and fore-thought

Twilight is the peak of day
When senses are high
The stroke of the day is the dawn of a new
To know this is to know self and understand the energy we are from

Eyes are wide and glazed over
Clarity invades the soul
Answering questions thought once would never be answered

The intellect burned on our soul
Carried and received through our life network of energy
Accepted graciously

Instinctively knowing how to proceed while gravitating to the light
Center of self

The core reaction soothing vital sensations
Creating a natural high
Consumed with self knowledge

 All natural
All knowing
Living for who we are meant to be