Thursday, July 2, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for togetherness.
Togetherness is often associated with being with someone else. That's the companionship we have or long for, this is taught though society images. We always have to be coupled with someone to feel better about ourselves or feel complete. Yes being with someone makes us feel better and the time spent well worth being with someone. With this mind set, we often forget to spend time with ourselves. When time is spent with ourselves in solitude, we are not alone. This time is spent to commune with God, with ourselves, or with loved ones that passed. Living in a world almost as old as time, we are never alone. There will always been someone there to guide us, when we steer down a wrong path, when there is uncertainty, when there is pain, when there hope, and when there is love. That someone is us. We have the answers, we have the faith, we are all that we need to be.

Through out time friendships are forged and exceeds through life times. We have to be a friend to ourselves to appreciate those around us. Having a confidant makes it easier to express emotions otherwise not expressed. Yet we are an expressive culture, wearing our emotions with our clothes, our hair and so on. But has anyone taken a real thought as to why we wear the colors or latest fashions.Yes to fit in or because it's our favorite color. Think about what you wear and how you express yourself, you will start to find out more of yourself. Be thankful this day for the coming together of self and evolving to oneness.

Century of Solitude

A white padded room

A stray jacket to restrain me

A century in this mental prison longing for peace of mind or a piece of my mind

Darkness settles in

The fog takes over as I begin to start my search for clarity

Reliving the moments that brought me to this place the cause and effect and infected me believe my vision to be true in this dream like state

Heaven help me before I wake

Thoughts isolated penetrated analyzed putting the pieces together and needing this time alone

Feel more mature for my future

Changing the rules to fit the game of the ever morphing society in this world created to serve God’s will

Drilled down to the core of you be thrilled with the peace of mind

Reached the breaking point lose my connection to this mighty society

Reconnected to His Highness now standing tall full of confidence knowing I will never fall

Clarity on the horizon defying the laws of nature to accept and take my rightful place soon to be reveled to me

Solitude brings attitude adjustments thoughts rearranged no longer deranged all scatter brained from events in my life just need to get away

And I did