Thursday, July 30, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for success.
Most people equate success with wealth. Having material possessions, such a mansion, an imported car, high end designer clothes and accessories, etc is the mark of success. What about those who don't have millions to spend on whatever we desire? Don't we deserve to have those "the mark of success"? The answers is yes, there is plenty for all to have and share in the world we live in. It starts out in our own personal definition of success.

Each persons' success is different from someone else's and can be different each day. Just like the weather, we change so how we define ourselves and success must change with it. The simple tasks in our daily lives are forms of success. We don't see it in that way, because most is repetitive and taken for granted. We wake every morning, brush our teeth, have a place to live, have food to eat and many more. Yes this things are both successes and to be thankful for. When you accomplish something no matter how small or mundane, you have succeeded in maintaining your health and living status. It's all in how we view our success. All success starts on a on a small scale, then grows to bigger thoughts and ideas to manifest. Success is a simple measure of our individual progress. Be thankful this day and everyday for our measure of progress. Be thankful this day and everyday for your own personal success. Live success daily.


Simplicity the intricacy of life coupled by emotions searching for a purpose for the passion connected to our soul

Our ancestry lived simply

a caveman’s mystery redefined with time

evolution a destiny that could not be avoided

The inevitable inaccurate truths plague our society leaving one simple question


How simple is it really

Led out to sea the blasphemous world created and all hated at one point or another

Living easier said than done

Fire the gun loaded with




Trust only yourself

Now take aim to gain goals your soul told

Drifting along living beneath your means keen senses

Point yourself in the right direction like a compass be careful not to drop it or your way is lost now the cost is priceless

Remember it’s more than just your life

Simply said soulfully silver tongued tied untangled truthfully unique pique provoked thoughts by simply plating seeds received by the children of the earth

Simplicity is in thee nurtured naturally

Life is only as complex as you allow it to be