Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cultivating Qualities

Be thankful this day for Cultivating Qualities.

We all have gifts and natural abilities, but it is how we use them to make a difference. We all at some point or another did something to truly amaze self or someone else, however not much what was done in the performing of the act, it is more so how we did it. The quality and control we use adds to the extravagance of the gift or ability. In our youth we had the ability to use such talents, yet lack the understanding to know why we had them or their purpose to serve us. When we typically think of a gift, we think of something to make someone stand out, or unique. Our gifts or abilities are the same for each of us, the only thing to make a difference is the ones we choose to aide us in this life and how we choose to cultivate them. The question now become how do we take the time to recognize our abilities to cultivate them?

Growing up we usually here, "you are so good at doing that." and take this praise lightly.  When we hear a form of praise in our youth we usually don't take it to heart or see it as a calling for our real purpose. The praise is preparing us to step into the light of who we truly are. When there is genuine praise, our heart is filled with joy from accomplishing the work desired, because it is from our heart. The praise given is also reason to go further into our purpose, to live in our dream. There may be a slight recognition of "this is want I am to do", this in turns creates a level of urgency to cultivate the quality to enhance and develop your ability.

Each ability expressed is one from and with the Universe. All abilities are innate. As we grow spiritually and mature, we begin to ask questions about our purpose and what is surrounding us to better serve the world, "where are the tools and resources".  Our profession tends to assist us in finding out who we are, what we are good at, and do we enjoy what we do. When it comes to fulfilling our purpose, we examine the previously stated. Yet if we are ok with one area, we tend to be content, or settle on the others. We all know and understand the “job” is a necessity until our purpose is reached. We learn from both the job and profession, they both teach us valuable lessons about self and our true calling. But why do we stay in a place unhealthily for our spirit? We see so much potential in what we see in our mirror, but been conditioned to live in a way to support our material world. Living in this manner constricts and frustrates the soul, self. We get to a point where we are on edge, spiritual and physically unhappy with life as it is in a moment or unfolding. These are indicators, what we have to find is a way back to using our abilities to better a world we live in. Younger in my life one of my dreams was and still is to leave this world better than I came into it.

Our minds begin to awaken to live out our purpose and answer the call, though it has taken years to get here, but we are here none the less. All experienced is for in preparation to live completely in our purpose. Yes it may be difficult in such times, but this is what is being called and asked for now, in this moment. "You affirmatively answer the call to deliver your talents, gifts, and skills with nonattachment to the fruits of your actions. You live free from the shackles of societal thought forms that would bind you into collective agreement with status quo. You begin to attain self-mastery over your thought patterns, your behaviors patterns. You accept the invitation of the master teacher Jesus to "come out from among them" and dare to be your Authentic Self" - Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

As an individual we search within to feel worthy, but we are already worthy because we were born unto this planet to make it a better, a more inhabitable place to live in peace and harmony with all. This can be done through the living of our purpose and sharing lessons to cultivate them. There is strength in the wisdom asked for; it is the surrendering to the Authentic Self. When we ask for assist and wisdom, it can show up in many ways in our life. The Angels are already standing by to deliver the goods; to make the life lived the best one yet. Just like a farmer to their crop, it needs to be nourished, cultivated and the soil tiled for the crops to grow healthy. Like our abilities, they too need the proper attention to best serve us in this life. I leave you with this question, "What qualities am I to cultivate to live my best life now in this moment?"

Be thankful this day and everyday for the innate abilities chosen in the life to helps others and to serve your purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to accept praise effortlessly to grow your heart to live in your purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to see the wisdom within, knowing you are doing what you are suppose too.

A nebula of sensations
Lost and found in the center of wisdom
I know where I am
In a voided space

A desire to purge all undesired of old
Yet filling back up to comfort self
I am afraid

Having to let go
Having to trust
Having to make sense
Having strength
Having a connection
Having a reason
Having self is enough
Having to be me

The midst of transmutation
A metamorph
Traveling between planes
Acknowledging self as one
Here and there
Now gone
Now one

All is what is shall be
All is me
What is the energy of me
All encompassing the of what of existence

Moving up from center
Aware of the thickness the density of the surrounding
This dimensional reality

Knowing what is important
Forgetting memories of old
Knowing all is taken care of
Having all to chance nothing in the intuitional space of evolution

Subsiding of the old
Cultivating of the new
The precision decision of choice
All is here now
The acceptance of the chosen work the chosen life