Thursday, November 3, 2011

Circle of Life

Be thankful this day for the Circle of Life.

The circle of life is the cycle of each incarnation with evolution or devolution. With each life lived, we have the choice to follow the choices made, our purpose, or live in the opposite manner and struggle the whole life until circle is complete. The end of the completed circle will result in how the next circle will start. The next circle can start off where the last one left off or revert back until the lesson is learned, then leap forward to live the life desired in current circle. Before our soul incarnates, we choose the life desired to give us the best opportunity to grow as Spirits. The circle is what we make of it, through preconceived choices, creating the best life on Earth possible. Yet, when we do incarnate, we tend to forget what our purpose is until we have a defining life moment to fully awaken the soul, us. While in this state of amnesia, our thinking is skewed and has a one dimensional mind or brain set, to where our life is a liner one. The question now becomes how we full awaken to living in Circle of Life with new understanding and vision?

In order to live with a circular understanding, we first have to understand liner. With an active sleeping soul, our brain absorbs all the available knowledge and is subject to interpretation of the situation, circumstance and surrounding. All three components play an important role in living the life desired, yet chosen. The reason why we see life as liner is due the aging process of the human body or any vessel carrying a soul. What we don't see is the transformation taking place. The transformation taking place is constant, from time we incarnate to birth, till transition, we are constantly changing to prepare for the next phase of life, when new energies become available to us. This energy can be anything from chakras to universal.  We only see life as liner, because of the instrument of time.  Time is not liner; it too does cycle back on to itself. It circles back with the hours and minutes of the day, the days circles back to the months, and the years advance in numbers only, but they to repeat circling back on the months. Let's look at our individual lives, what aspects are we living that are completely liner? Even our thinking is circular. We think to come up with new ideas, problem solve, etc. What we are actually doing is accessing thoughts and information already there, though we do have to dig deeper for it. And digging deeper means we are becoming more aware of self and the resources available within us.

On a grander scale, we are presently in a universal cycle or circle, to where we are coming back to the center or the birth place of it. Each circle has a beginning and an end. No true circle is infinite, just the energy used to create it. Since we are living in a life circle, the energy in us is greater than any energy outside of us. Meaning all that life is, IS contained in us. The universal wisdom of creation from the Creator is a part of us. As souls, we are part of a bigger circle, though we have our own personal circles, to aid in the growth and development of the soul. Each soul is connected to the Creator. With a strong connection with self, we can better understand the connection to the Creator and members of our soul group. The members of our soul group are spirits chosen to help one another grow by playing pivotal roles. And we complete each circuit by honoring the role played for them. No matter the size of the circle it will repeat itself, but may show up in different ways, it is up to us to circle up through evolution.

The evolution of the circle of life is one of awareness, courage, and most important love. These three components assist in the completing the circle. When we come to a state of being awakened through awareness of self all actions and in-actions become clearer. Though we are aware of our actions and in-actions, it does take a level of courage to follow through on them. The follow through of thought has to be nurtured with love. Without love then what is the point of doing what is done? Being a part of grander circle, we were formed with love and with leaps of growth it is done in love. The circle we live in, contains more than just us, it is filled with the energy all that IS us. Every thought, action, emotion, being, object, and energy makes the circle of life.

The life lived is supported by each species and the role played to live a full life. With this support, we do move forward in our lives, but not in a liner fashion. We move together with the energy contained within, circling back with one another. The energy of love helps us to stay connected. The love of self, others, all species, spirits and the Creator; our circle of life encompasses each and every one living and helping to live their best life chosen from the beginning to end.

“We must not cease from exploration. And end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time” T.S. Eloit

Be thankful this day and everyday to see the choices made to live a connected life to be aware of self and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have an understanding of the roles played to live an impactful life.
Be thankful this day and every day to see and recognize the transformation taking place in your life to be a part of evolution.


As I stand in the eye watching life pass me by
Looking lost without a cause yet full of purpose and intent figuring out what is meant for my soul

Carrying a blade of wisdom that is centuries old with the lack of knowledge to wiled it yet with the patience to understand the energy to wiled it as such commanding to the energies to stand at attention

Gathering souls from past lives using synergy as a caliber for the life standing before thee streaming through colors of life to inflect project a selfless image upon those with purist essence
Loosing behind a shadow cast by heavenly energies of intuition with intent and purpose

Living a daily struggle of thirst of a soul creation of self with understanding of the possessed vessel a longing of personal fulfillment with a gift given from the dawn of you
Accepted and returned

Wanting more than what is given before the time tells you
Living freedom in faith of what and whom the will of choice and self sacrifice knowing the consequence to understand the second image of self
Not a façade the cause of your soul
Who were you first
Who are you now
Who will you be last

Following the heart
The loud voice banging in your head and life preparing through you
Can’t erase it nor ignore it an image bigger than you with a possibility to fill the universe we walk through with preconceived notions and premeditated intents

Finding what was stored from the life before seeking the connection for completion of a universal soul surpassing time itself
A continuous cycle until the work is done

A timid light only to grow in brilliance by the dimming of un-needed space leaving the purist of pure the original make-up of self from the first spark
Illuminating emanating heavenly energies