Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sincerity of Life

Be thankful this day for Sincerity of Life.

When we think of being sincere, one often thinks about conveying genuine emotion for any given situation or circumstance. Most often when one speaks or vents, we are searching for an ear to listen to our troubled heart. Are we the listener projecting a sincere act when hearing what other party is saying? Can we relate to their experience like it is our own? At times we can relate other times we can't. We usually don't seek approval, advice or comfort when we release emotions from the heart, we seek an ear to listen, and the end result is advice, approval and/or comfort. The ones listening to us is the one we most often trust, and confide in. We trust them to listen, because they are sincere when they do listen. As intuitive beings, we can usually tell when someone is being sincere. The question now becomes how do we link our intuitive knowing to being fully engaged in feeling for others?

Sincerity is the honesty of emotion. When we allow our self to commit to being heard, times others don't have a choice but to listen. This desire to be heard can stem from numerous places, such as lack of attention in other life areas. All we want is to be heard and receive a little sympathy for what is or was experienced. Yet when the attention card is play often, a lack of sincerity is felt from the audience; this results in us attempting to be mindfully clever to receive sympathy in other forms, i.e. playing the victim. We have to remember, we are not the victim of the life choices made daily, consciously or unconsciously. As a culture, we have created such a mechanism of civility, without sincerity. Civility allows for us to co-exist, without emotion. This is the polite way of being in one shared space, work or home, to cultivate qualities of oneness. Yet when there is a lack of sincere expression from someone, the more sensitive soul tends to be frazzled or upset from the lack of emotion shown. When civility is practiced, we put up a wall, and not allowing for flexibility of the full life experience. We have to think about the outcome desired for expressing sincerity or lack of.  The desire for being heard for some is also a form of willful communication; meaning there is a talent for speaking or using the arts to convey messages. This often carries the highest level of sincerity, because it's tied to emotion itself. When we generally speak, it is with inflection and tonality. The manner we choose to communicate conveys truth in emotion; allowing self and others to know we are fully present.

Being present is important when offering sincerity. How can we be sincere if we are not present? We can't unless you have mastered the art of listening or "multi-tasking", even then are we fully present? No. Our attention is divided. We live in a society where we feel we always have to do something, instead of being what is asked in the moment of life. In each life moment, we encounter a situation where is calls for us to step up to be present. To be present, all we have to do is stop and pay attention. By being fully engaged in the moment, we bring full attention to who we are, who we are with, and what is transpiring in the moment. As the moments pass, we grow in being present. Our presence is the link to feeling compassion and empathy for other souls.

There are often times where we relate to a situation or circumstance allowing for the invocation of true compassion. Each situation is different for everyone and holds a dear meaning to express genuine compassion. Compassion is a loving understanding of the life experience. The sincerity in the moment can release unexpected emotions, due from the connection felt. While being present a connection, a link is formed and felt by both parties. This shared bond can endure for as long as is needed for the healing to take place or to grow and transform the situation or relationship. In order to express true love or compassion, one must have it for self. If there is no true self love or compassion, how can we relate to other like souls?

When we create a relationship with someone, we do it with the intention of having a closer bond with them. The truth is we already have a relationship with everyone on the planet, we are just reestablishing the connection formed. With the reestablished connection with like souls or member of our soul group, we can easily express compassion. Our sincerity is natural to those closest to us or those sharing a similar experience. Now we have to shift to express ourselves naturally to those who we don't have a connection with. This is accomplished by being open in the moments presented to us to grow. Our sincerity comes from a place of connection with others, and we have to look deeper within to find that connection to them. The one connection we share is one from the Creator. Sincerity far extends who we are, but what we are capable of doing from a place of being. Once we act from a place of being our heart felts acts and spoken words are filled with the love meant for the divine intention.

Be thankful this day and everyday to convey the truth of emotion.
Be thankful this day and everyday for sincere acts and words to connect to others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expression of self reestablishing a bond with others.


Portray the light of day
Step into the shade
Dawn the mask of night
Ignite attention given not welcomed 

A decade dedicated to appease others needs leaves you drained wanting to obtain the thirst of self wealth

Laid down the foundation from a parade of fools clues and the right to choose who’s lost
Who’s paid the cost

A mask for every performance
A craft how long will it last
Created for a temporary fix to resist temptation of your own world of creation

Resonate the game you play
Give it up you forsake the self-contained
Maintain the imagine

A solution for the confusion
Chase only you face the true identity
Move through mirrors reflect in ripples of water realizing me and not wanting to be what others perceive