Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life's Mysteries

Be thankful this day for Life's Mysteries.

Life mysteries are experienced daily, swimming in the unknown is filled with surprises, yet filled with routine. We know we are going to wake up, brush our teeth, bathe, eat, commute to work,  care for loved ones, work, and so on. These are the known variables in our life, the routine. It is what happens outside the routine where the unknown becomes known. Somehow we create a life plan from the ever famous question, "what are you going to do with your life?" When we are asked this question, we begin to ponder life possibilities. We formulate a plan based on our surroundings and limited potential. We rarely make a plan based on our passions, we tend to follow a more rewarding or lucrative path. With this path followed and not as fulfilling as once thought, the question arises, "what if?" The life plan question should be, "what do you desire to be with this life?" When we look at the rephrased question, we desire to be more with the life given and not just living by doing, then our potential changes to limitless. If we simply do, then what are we doing? Are we living up to the expectations designed for this life? Have we been thrown into path for superficial reasons? Our life by design has been shaped to enjoy the unknown and learn from it. By unlocking the full potential of self can we only learn more about the life mystery of being. The question now becomes how do we reach a place of releasing the fear carried from the unknown?

The unknown is a mystery, an enigma to itself. Do you think the unknown, knows it's an unknown? I would have to say no. When we live in dark place, mentally, spiritually, or physically for an extended period of time, we don't know it's dark. We adjust to the darkness surrounding our life. As we adjust we become more comfortable in the place we created. With the creation of this space, we become a new mystery to others and self. How do we become a mystery to self? We live in a familiar, unfamiliar place. We forget who we are to others and especially to self, by forming a new normal or sense of self. This is through devolution. When we don't confront or deal with the issues we created, a form of retreat happens. Retreating into self is what takes place mentally and spiritually and no longer aware what is happening to or around us; creating a selective amnesia. Through the selective memory, we tend to enjoy more of what we don't know, yet find just as much bliss when we finally come to an awakened state of mind.

Our awakened state provides us with the desired knowledge to see the unknown as it truly is. The mystery of life is different for everyone. The mystery is a puzzle only time can solve. As Henry Van Dyke said "Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." With time all becomes clearer when we pour love into the mystery. To understand life's mysteries, we first must ask the appropriate questions to ask that are the keys to our own personal understanding and relationship with the mystery. Know we create our own mystery by putting up blocks and obstacles. Why do we create such blocks, what do we want to hide from self? We lock certain parts away hoping never to be seen or acknowledge again, creating an "air" about you. Some of us enjoy creating or having certain mystique about self, but who is it serving? When we put on “types”, we are creating a mystery or wall. It serves no one, when there is a lack of honesty in the presence of self. The acknowledgement of the mystery breaks down the mystique of self allowing self to be fully present in life.

When fully present, we can see the unknown as it is, a place without light, lack of knowledge. As humans, we become so fearful of lack in any life area, we unconsciously create more of it. With the creation of more lack, more of a mystery is created around it and us, yet we are driven to solve the mystery. Every mystery can be solved. To make the unknown, known, we have to have the courage to shine the light where it is needed. Our courage to confront our personal unknowns, allows us to develop our spiritual muscle to be a beacon for self and others. It is the pursuit of the knowledge bringing the most joy, yielding to the light within showing the way. When there is light, there is courage.

Our light is meant to be shared to guide others on their path to revel personal life mysteries. If we didn't have mysteries, what would have revealed to us? There would be no lessons to learn from, there would be no personal growth, what we would have; a complacent world living in self-centered madness. Each mystery/lesson is its own reward. Our courage to face the unknown gives others who are watching courage as well. Always be your best light for others, they are watching, taking notes and following your steps. You are strongest in all light.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the life mystery to be solved.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have the courage to shine the light where needed to dissolve the mystery and be a beacon for others.
Be thankful this day and everyday to unlock your potential through solving life mysteries.
Unknown Fear

Lurk in the shadows jerk your emotions causes contusions need resolutions of a fear wish it was a dream truth it’s all around you

All levels bevels borders on the parallel
Heaven or Hell
Died many times now coming to life realize the tiers to break through and there is nothing you can to me that has not been done to me before

Feeling the adrenaline rush mind racing escaping the reality preparing for the unknown a drone of this earthly realm I can feed the need bleed beyond what I can see

A prisoner or defender surrender to this fear
Hold it captive scream reactive embrace calmly as grace washes over me
Paralyzed subjected confronted overcome shun the darkness that lies buried beneath the eyes cared stares back at you

As peace is unleashed granted solitude choose the path given and shatter what was and embrace control the unknown