Thursday, June 23, 2011


Be thankful this day for God.

God is a living singular universal entity. It is an omnipotent Being with the ability to create whatever It desires. God is a force with many names, with representation in all religious faiths. The religious faiths are represented and governed by their own belief system. We all have our personal and group beliefs. However it makes me ponder was it God's choice to be worshiped or was it ours? Yes the scriptures speak of how we should worship such a Being, however was that the intent? Like children, they look up to their parents for guidance, just as we look to God for the same. On a high level we adore and love God, and thank It for the works accomplished to give us life and experience all creation. We are experiencing life and all creations, as self with the eyes of God. God is bearing witness to Its own fruit. The question now becomes how do we see God in self to be our God-Self?

We all have a part of God in us. We are Its creation and It lives in all the living and non-living. We are the spark of a greater force. We are all on a minute level God; we manifest our heart's desires with love and pure intent. The visions and imagination are from God, the rest is up to us to fulfill. God and the Workers (Arch-Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardians, and Guides) do all the heavy lifting, while we maintain the integrity of the vision given. To be fully our God-Self, we have come to a point of co-existence and remove personal division. All in life is connected and live as one. Just as the Sun exist with the Moon and the Moon affects the tides. Our purpose is one of cohesion. We all can accomplish many wonderful things as individuals, yet as a community we can do much more. The reason we can do much more as a community is because of the gathering of Universal Energy in one place or with one idea. Our ideas is not one alone, but one of plenitude. We all share the same ideas and visions, however they are just viewed in different ways to assist and guide others. God is working through us to gather in harmonious voice. We are meant to be on one accord and not of separation.

Our separation comes from different idealist, which is okay. Yet it's when there are others so stubborn and set in their ways, they are unable to see other points of view. Ultimately we are doing and saying the same thing, just on different levels to reach different souls. Each soul is asleep by choice, until they hear or see something resonating with their vibrational frequency. Each soul is currently on a different level, so not all messages, opinions, ideas, or visions will be understood. We each must come to a place where division is no longer. We first release the division within self, seeing and knowing we are a part of God and the Universal Energy. All the while we must have full accountability for self, behaviors, and actions. We are made up of the same matter and energy as the Earth, our pets, insects, flowers, trees, water, etc. Truly there is no separation in our life, just the appearance of it.

As a society, when we speak of God we refer to God as Male. This idea stems from quoted scriptures "And He made us in His Image." At the time and still today men are seen as a domineering force. It is the imagine we created of a male taking care of home, by being the provider, and the decision maker, hence the reason God has to be male. Then of course with the feminist movement, the question was raised, "Why can't God be Female?" With all the questions of uncertainty, there is no wonder why there is such a division. We are as we are through the creation of one Being with a piece of It living inside us. Our role is not to decipher what gender God is, but to understand Its omnipresence. We are the tools tilling in the field cultivating a world where all is harmonious. We utilize our skills to enhance both the physical and spiritual worlds. God simply IS and we a pieces of God.

Not only are we are God's creations, we are God showing others the way. We are assisting others in navigating through life. We gain wisdom to share. The wisdom gained is a universal one. We each play a smaller role in the rising of all creations. As we evolve to our higher-self, we come to an understanding of equality and over-arching purpose filled with divinity and infinite possibilities. Yet we learn to focus the infinite possibilities to our passions from moment to moment. We are in a place of adapting to change and learning to be more than we initially perceived. Once the clear vision has befallen us, we can proceed in the fulfillment of our true work. Know we are never alone. God is in and being with us, always.

Our God-Self is limitless, we must come to a point to trust self and heal old wombs blocking our full potential. When place trust in Self and God, a perfect union is created. This union will open up endless possibilities to co-creation and manifestations. Sit with yourself to know your God-Self and feel the energy of love pour in to your heart. Let the energy take over your Soul and let it flow naturally to where it is desired. Learn to see the God in Self and others.

Be thankful this day and every day for being God's Creation.
Be thankful this day and everyday for God being simply as It is, a Universal Force.
Be thankful this day and everyday knowing God is living in you and seeing God in others.


Standing just as I am
experiencing transformative light
flowing through this protective shell
Simply being as I am

Expanding light
growing consciousness
coming to full awareness of self in existence

Being a part of a greater whole
a spark of force wielding the unseen
trusting of noble energies fitting into divinity

Reaching peak
maturing through insight
wisdom befalls the crown
rippling throughout the universe
all has been set in motion

Taking moments as they come
only to be ready
standing in stillness
recognizing the now and planning for the now to come

Being witness to self in action
in stillness
made to experience the creations
cultivating the knowledge in one harmonious tune

Visions of grandeur speak through and the soul says yes
being as I should
living through self for self

Endowed with what was given from the Creator
Enhancing self to fit the purpose of creation

I am the creation and creator
I am the purpose cultivating creation
I am a singular entity
a force
energy divided yet whole among all
I simply am