Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finding Self

Be thankful this day for Finding Self.

Finding self can take years or decades. Both as humans and spiritual beings we often go through changes. The changes experienced are for the evolution of self. During the course of spiritual changes, we feel a bit lost or confused. The physical changes are expected and a natural progression of the physical self. We have to continue to maintain the body we have and improve on it so our spiritual self can be around a bit longer to live the desired life. Even though the spiritual self-governs the physical self, both halves need each other to live a complete life. One of the important keys in finding self is finding balance to unify both halves. The question becomes how do we become our whole true self?

In the process of development, we are often confused about self and what it is we need to do to move to place of clarity. Clarity comes from many sources, it comes from sitting in stillness, while in prayer or meditation, or even in our sleep. Clarity awakens us to the inner transformation. The place of confusion is not really a place of confusion, but a place of transformation. In other words, clarity makes us aware of the transformation already occurring in our life. It's ok to feel confused. When we reach a plateau of certain ages, we stay at the comfort level until we feel the desire to evolve again. Us evolving brings challenges and awareness to once mundane tasks. Then we develop a new sense of awareness of our inner self, the source of all life, God. We all develop and transform at different rates, yet is has no bearing on the connection with self or God. Ultimately we find our God-Self in the awareness of our transformation.

When our inner self evolves our outward appearance has to follow suite. We appear to be more peaceful and light. We are no longer burden with trivial thoughts, all thoughts carry substance and joy. We release what was once thought to be of importance. While finding our self, we find what is really important; it is to feed our soul, the source of all life. What we feed ourselves and others takes center stage. We feed the energy of love. The energy of love plays a pivotal role in all life and especially in transformations. We have to learn to accept self as others as they are with love. In the process of finding self, we conduct multiple experiments. We learn what makes us joyful, loving, kind, hurt, angry, etc. We learn the many extremes in life to set our soul free from self-containment. The reason for self-containment is we tried something and didn't like the outcome, so we locked part of self away. We are only doing more harm when we lock part of self away. Our job in life is to experience our whole self.

When we bring our whole self into the life experience, we find the purity in the moment found. Our whole self allows us to be vulnerable in the moment, to truly experience it as it is. When we are vulnerable, we allow our whole self to be present and release any fears, concerns and inhibitions. In the process of finding self, we reach new levels of both cowardice and courage. One or the other will win our pending the situation and faith. We all desire to have courage to win at the end of the day. Think of it this way, if we all made a choice spiritually to be here on Earth that was our first courageous step in living a rich full life; all other decisions to follow are easy to make. We have to look within self to find the courage and confidence to find and live to be our whole self.

As humans, we tend to be so preoccupied with the material and the external that we forget about inner-self. Our inner-self is what produces the external and material world. We find distractions daily to comfort self and not deal with the inner transformation. Like the day turns to night, transformation is going to happen. It is when we become aware of it, to evolve to higher levels or to stay stagnant and complacent as we are. When we choose to incarnate on Earth, we undergo selective amnesia. This is to helps us evolve.  As comforting as it sounds to know how our whole life, it doesn't do us any good to know everything, if our duty is to evolve. Just think how bored you get at your job when it's the same thing day in and out or when you play a video game over and over. We innately know what we desire in our life, all we have is to listen. Finding our self is listening to self. We make it harder than necessary with the experiments we conduct. Listening to self, our God-Self evolves us to truly knowing self. Create a new relationship with self and ask," What do you desire today?" You may be surprised with the answer.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the progress made to find self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the experiments conducted to understand self and be free.
Be thankful this day and everyday for transformation made to be true-self, God-Self.

You Think You Know Me 

A facial façade
a mirage of an image
of what is a camouflage
of what is there
the appearance given
apparent to the naked eye you’re the reason why
you think you know me

My shadow wants to be like
mimic my actions
you lack passion
follow me around and wonder “how you do that”
you think you know me

Thought process of practice makes better and patience is a virtue
to have control is discipline
understanding is to have love and clarity
you think you know me

A place where darkness and light coexist
not resist a place of bliss
where I visit times truly miss
the choice of solitude
you think you know me

Life consequences
life experiences bring about change
no one person is ever the same
maintain core traits but changes the how to go about that
achieve what I can be
walk this path that is meant for me
the cycle and circle that is kept
so how can you say you think you know me when times I don’t know myself

You think you know me
Free is what I choose to be
Design my own destiny