Thursday, March 24, 2011


Be thankful this day for prosperity.

We often confuse prosperity with financial gain or living financially comfortable. Prosperity is more than how much money you have in your bank account, what designer clothes you are wearing, or what car you drive. There are a two ways to look at prosperity. One is to look at our circumstances or conditions, the external view. The second way to look at is how we feel internally about the external. Prosperity is the feeling of "wealth" or well being. How do we feel about what we possess? The question now becomes how do we transfer the feeling of joy to our external, material world?

As a society, we are often viewed by our possessions, conditions, and circumstances. These three external views don't make us who we are. They are merely lessons for us to achieve a greater sense of self in a world created by selfish past behaviors of humanity. As collective we have to take some accountability for the world we created and the missteps towards greed. It's not about if you can outwit someone else to keep a larger portion of the pie, it's about how much are you willing to give up. Once we come to a place where we can release foul intentions, we can move to a place of abundance. Abundance is our natural state of well being. We fill our life with temporary fixes and not getting to the root of the false sensation felt.

The external and material possessions bring us temporary or false joy; unless we challenge our thinking about why we have what we have. There is a sense of prosperity amongst us all; it is just a matter of accessing it. To access this joy for all things, we have to ask the question, "Can we live without it?" If we can live without an item, then we know we are joy and the item is of appreciated value. We all have a level of attachment to a material item bringing us joy; its healthly to have that. However when we start to accumulate items for the thrill or rush of it, then we know are just filling a space in-self. We unconsciously assign emotions of labels to all maternal possessions; that's ok. However when we lose the emotional attachment to the item, it is time to be released from possession. It is no longer of appreciated value.

All appreciated value comes from source of how we feel when we gain a material item. Do we spend money just to spend it or do we spend it with a loving purpose/intention? Money like all else is a tool to obtain the heart's desire. Like any tool that is mishandled, harm can be inflected. The harm inflicted can directly or indirectly hurt self of another. Money can and often does magnify the personality of self. If we think there is not enough, then it won't be. If we are genuinely grateful for the one dollar we have, then we manifest another. It is how we view our sense of well being to gain new insights to how we treat what we have in our life.

Our prosperity is not in how much we have, rather than how we feel and treat what we manifested. What we individually manifest comes from us through the Divine Source. We decide to bring fourth "rich" living experiences resulting in a greater sense of well being. Our well being/prosperity is linked to how we treat self, others and material possessions. Let us not judge others by our external perception, but love them as they are with what is given. When one is prosperous, another teaches the way of prosperity/well being. Our survival depends on one another. Remember we are one unit of life called humanity. The joy experienced from living well, is a joy of graduating through the life lessons presented in the moments to know self and fulfilling heartfelt desires. When this joy is acknowledged, we have transferred joy to all the material and live internally; thus living in oneness of well being.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the releasing of temporary fixes.
Be thankful this day and everyday for genuine gratitude for all we manifest to live well.
Be thankful this day and everyday for wisdom to fulfill the heart's desire effortlessly.

Heart's Desire

I desire my heart
the joy in my heart speaks to the smile on my face
and it says love

Knowing what the heart wants
secure in pink and green
leading me to fulfill it effortlessly
growing in pain
fleeting the world

Gratitude meets me
approaching visions of the mind with clarity
sounding off in melodic tunes
vibrating in heart sync

Released confusion and despair
now floating on air
feeling the pulsating beat of joy
of love

The pure intent made clear
made known
now manifested
a desire
a dream
now a miracle
my heart