Thursday, March 10, 2011

Integrity of Self

Be thankful this day for integrity of self.

Integrity of self is what upholds our personal morals and ethical beliefs. There are lines we don't dare cross for personal reason, until we expand our thinking or gain a new preservative. With integrity, we can make room to gain new insight to old beliefs. As a collective, we are constantly telling others what to think and believe, what's in or out. It is the select few choosing not to adhere to the societal conformity to maintain their sense of character, their integrity. The questions now becomes how do we maintain the true sense of self while living in a world we created to follow one rule?

The world we created to follow one rule and it is the love given by the Divine Source. The one rule is to love self and love others as the Divine Source loves you. All others rules or laws are manmade to maintain a level of control over one another. When we give of self through love, then there is no need for other laws or subsets. Both as individuals and collective, we desire love on its many levels. Integrity is subset of the emotion of love; it is maintaining a standard of love for self. As time progresses we improve on the love for self. We come into a place of acceptance of love for who we are as a Spirit and not as a person. The love we share as a Spirit is effortless, because it is who we are innately.

We are the spawn of the Divine and we are the Divine. We live with innate possibilities to give of self while upholding our personal/Divine beliefs. We maintain the sense of self through asking of questions to expand our thought process of true importance. We can ask questions like, "what matters in this moment?" or "how can I expand or improve sense of worth?" When we begin to ask our self questions to challenge our own habitual thinking, we expand our Spirit to being inclusive. By inviting other perspectives, we begin to incorporate Divine ethics or love and invigorate self with new awareness.

Once our awareness expands, we are not as critical of self or others. We lose sense of judgment and welcome acceptance of self and others. With judgment, we are so colored by one view, ours. We feel we are so right in our thinking, behavior and actions, we forget there is another world out there, not of our making. What make us so righteous, that we turn our head from other views? We all learn from one another, our place is to experience life to be a better Spirit. What we do doesn't matter as much as how we do it. Our Spirit already knows what to do; it’s the brain getting in the way of expression to maintain integrity.

Our personal integrity is important to us in different ways and the values it holds. Our worth comes from upholding the Divine rule of self, love. Integrity is love for self and acceptance is integrity for all; it is the shell holding us all together. We are all a reflection of one another, just fragments of the Divine to experience life and the value of it. If we uphold one another, we can create a better world and a better humanity.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the upholding the values for self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for maintaining and expanding standards of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love given to the collective Spirit.

Tangible Objects

Held in the hands of faith
scared ties binding
the wholeness of what is

Authentic energies presenting themselves
tuning vibrations
connecting in the truest form

Feeding from receiving energies
older than I
rooted in the eternal
created and fragmented

Lending power to the tapped sounds
now the channeled objected touched by light
surrounded by sound

just being by design
filtered through senses creating connections of ageless

Fragile to hold
tender to touch
taken what's given
believing the balance formed

beheld objects of truth
objects of life
objects of us
we are what we see