Thursday, January 7, 2010


Be thankful this day for dreams.
Most of us at point or another thought of our dreams as colorful depictions of the real world or reliving situations that occurred. Those are not far from the truth. Our dreams are messages being sent to us to guide us on our path, protect us from pending harm, or to let us know what we are doing in our life is right or wrong for us. The reason for real life events reoccurring as we sleep is for our mind has to have something to relate to us, that's easily understood. Each message is crafted from God to each individual soul to make them aware of their purpose, though not all dreams are meant to see your path. There are reoccurring dreams, the purpose for those dreams is for us to take action. That is why they reoccur, until the proper action is taken. How will you know what action to take? This action can be in the waking world or learn how to control your dream.The dreams we remember are the most impactful ones. Those are the ones we are meant to remember. I will mention, what we eat has no connection to our dreams, unless it's on conscious some how. What impacts our dreams are our final thoughts of the day and how we feel before we sleep.

When we sleep we are plugged into the universal power source, God. Just like our electronics are plugged in to recharge. Like the power source comes from the electric company. The most important thing to remember about the messages we receive while we are plugged in are the symbols, emotions and colors in our dreams or messages. There are elements that will always stand out from others. Our dreams or messages can also be premonitions. This is why we have to be very careful when interpreting the messages. Interpreting messages can lead to the wrong conclusions, without the proper tools or knowledge we may take the wrong actions. Dreams will guide you to the right tools and knowledge to interpret messages. How do you know if it's a premonition? You feelings will tell you by sense of De Ja Vu. Our emotions will guide us to the proper interpretation of our messages. The messages we receive along with the joy in our hearts ultimately guide us to our purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our mind to receive the dreams to guide our lives.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be plugged in to the source of all life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the interpretations of our messages to take the proper action with pure intention.

Infinite 8

A level where all is open

A divine energy spoken and chosen to revel purpose coupled with passion

A harmonious level of communication with heavenly bodies guided with unspoken words

Achieving balance with an aged soul of wisdom

Free with understanding and grace

Being lifted to once unfathomable inner peace and oneness

Unbound by man’s rule

To see all infinite connections

Sharing a gift to awaken like minds to infect those curious

A lasting impression crossing all time tenses

Piercing space with fierce energy like an arrow of wisdom

A never ending flow of energy

Constantly changing operating on a high frequency of love

Waiting for us to rise and meet it

A never ending flow of energy

Wrapping around us

Sustaining us

Allowing us to pass though to the next level

A never ending gift of life transforming self to new self

Inside the light where life is beautiful