Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things Taboo

Be thankful this day for things that are taboo.
What is the definition I refer to of taboo, when there is culture, race or a defined group of people unwilling to have open discussions of things in existence, due the shame or embarrassment the subject may cause. However the previously mentioned will have open discussions with very close companions, friends or family. The reason being is the level of comfortably in the connection shared. When the same subject is mentioned in public there is heightened level of embarrassment or shame that creeps over us as one culture. This stems from the labels of society. The people in media telling us what's ok and what's not. It's not til then individual curiosity is piqued. Then questions are raised, "why should I talk about it?", but it doesn't end there. The level of taboo extends to or regresses to smaller units, i.e. family and friends. There are some things just not spoken in the presence of others.

The level of censorship surrounding our lives is dependent on our level or awareness. Our awareness guides us to being open and receptive to all things in the world that sustains us. When we are truly open and aware nothing is taboo. We are free flowing energy experiencing life as it should be. It human nature to be curious about all things, child or adult. It's human nature to feel, live life and be a witness to it. If it wasn't taboo, then our conditioned spirit wouldn't be curious about life itself. Be thankful this day and everyday for life curiosities. Be thankful this day and everyday for the human nature of our spirit. Be thankful for the life experience.

Human Nature

Defend and never bite the hand that feeds you leads you to greener pastures lend a helping hand when you can those less fortunate are not as blessed

Way of the world tell me why people shun those who are less then their best

No excuses no regrets loveless hurt every time your heart jerked from pain left in the wake another causality in this love war love me love me not gimmie gimmie what’s mine in mine and what’s yours is mine lies and deceit when we first meet tell me why what you do have to hide insecure lack of information the truth will cure you loose

Procreate pheromones lead to a mate for a moment exchange of bodily fluids parallel compelled to wonder to the soul mate that completes your unique mystic tell me why playing harmonious tune of life

Art of survival life rivals playing cat and mouse what is that about caught up in the game one that is worthy that has no shame tell me why driven to be better than one-self the only competition inside

Lack of knowledge understanding brings frustration thrown off course get on that horse and ride again then bend rules to fit your life style tell me why through pain comes happiness clarity soon satisfaction

Actions happen take place for that moment in time divinity at its best defining that moment whether it’s opportunity or intimacy tell me why rhyme or reason

Curiosity virtuosity astrology which may lead to man’s atrocities or man’s satisfactory a peace of mind through a rite of passage a realization of two wrong’s never equal right tell me why who’s inside clarity fate

What about pride envy between you and me reaching a level of spirituality humbleness made me tell me why acts of vanity reign supreme though some lead to precious dreams

Evolution an unquenchable curiosity and thought provoking emotions and completeness becoming one with surroundings making stronger and wiser thoughts lessons learned makings up who we are is an everlasting nature imbedded in our species