Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grounding Self

Be thankful this day for Grounding Self.

Grounding self is becoming set in the life purpose intentions. In order to ground self, we first must clear away any debris. The debris we carry is emotional and can cloud our thoughts, actions, and block any newness coming in to our life. We have been conditioned to hold our emotions in, to repress our true feelings to a point where we are weighted down or at times emotionally explode. Yet when do finally clear our self, there is so much residual emotional stuff, a lot is left behind. Through personal experience, I can attest clearing out the old a making way for the new can be difficult when there is a still emotional energy floating around. We have to take the emotional energy floating around in us and find a way to release it so we can become grounded and clear in our everyday life and life purpose. The question now becomes how do we ground self in the midst of all human life experience?  

The human experience is like none other. It comes with learning, evolving, being filled with emotions, and aging, just to name a few. There is no written manual on being human, if there is I haven't read it, yet. All we know is taught to us from a classroom, and learning from our own experiences. Being human is an experience shared with billions of others. Somewhere on this home, Earth, someone has, is or will experience the same exact thing. One thing we have to remember we are not alone, though at times we feel like we are. If we do feel alone, it is by our own choosing. It is how we choose to live our life and treat others allowing the sensation loneliness to set in. At times in our life we all experience loneliness. Yet there is always someone there to guide and pull us out. Why do we torment ourselves, knowing we can reach out for aide? Is it our stubbornness, zero tolerance for others, prefer to do it all on our own, or simply don't know any other way. Yes living as humans are daunting, yet some of us thrive off challenges while others crumble. We are not alone, nor will we ever be. How we choose to live our human life, is one of our own personal making. Yes there are instances and situations beyond our control, yet we still manage to do our absolute best. Being human is simply that, doing our best and sharing our knowledge to gain wisdom.

The wisdom gained is a wisdom we already know. It takes life situations to unlock the wisdom encoded in us. The wisdom locked in us comes from others sharing their experience and knowledge with the Source of all wisdom. Once this information has been shared, it innately becomes a part of us. This is how we instinctively know what to do in certain life situations. Remember our life is a shared one. We are all one source, one energy, one love. With the unification of the Human and Spiritual Selves, we become whole and better understand the wisdom flowing through us. Each part of the shared wisdom enables us to inspire others to be better. Wither we are aware of it or not, we are an inspiration to others. Wisdom provides the doorway to inspiration of creating unification. The light gathered in us links to every soul, sharing this grand human experience. 

Each human situation will either lift us up to work from a higher place or ground us working from our human self. The perspective is from where we do the work does depend on the life situation. Finding balance is the key when doing the work of clearing and evolving. When there is balance and harmony, we can choose to work from a higher or lower place with grace and ease. Grounding is more than being anchored in life, it's being aware of the life movement. Life movement is the physical, emotional, and spiritual motions experienced daily. We are all aware of self on varying levels daily. When we wake and just before bed time, we are most aware of spiritual self, in the middle of the day, we are most aware of physical and emotional states. The reason for such fluctuation is the high and lows of energy on the planet or region of the planet. The work we do for self is when we can find our peace, no matter the time of day. When we become grounded in self, our awareness shifts and grow.

The growth received from grounding is from our willingness to compromise with self and the Source. When "we give up" or just stop all together and become aware or "see" where we are in our present life, then we drop anchor for a moment of stillness. When the anchor is dropped, we are able to cast off the emotional debris we have been carrying for so long. Then when we move from that point, we move faster in the life waters. Our grounding is essential to letting life go and seeing it for what it truly IS.    

Be thankful this day and everyday for innately sharing internal wisdom.
Be thankful this day and everyday for unifying the human and spiritual self through grounding.
Be thankful this day and everyday for having balance and harmony in life through grounding self.

Facing the sky
Looking at the sun and moon in the light of face
Rising to elevated levels of openness
Feeling weightless
Attracted to energy refracted
Is it me

Exploration of a new hemisphere
Desiring to reach the stratosphere
Tethered to Earth
The bonds constraining soul

Graciously returning to a familiar plane where destiny is explained
Gravity the magnet the core of existence
The ebb and flow polarity can ever change

From light to mass
Leaking toxins
Infecting those around
Becoming the same gaining nothing knowing there's more

Holes sealed
Time reveled a secret
Of freedom
Of self-imposed bonds
A treatment to abandon toxicity

An observer turn doer
Transformed to being
No longer a place fright but in flight in transit of self-knowledge

Rearranged life components
Releasing the undesired
Measurable in the light given and received
The true me

Bonds released graciously
Soaring thru to the stratosphere
Being connected to all planes
All matter
All light

Grounded in self
Energy extend to fathomed places of soul existence
A foundation for reaching deeper than deep higher than high
a principal rooted in all souls