Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life Valued

Be thankful this day for Live Valued.

All life should be valued, no matter what. I usually put aside all personal feelings when I express varying levels of gratitude. Also, I tune out outside distractions, (i.e. the news); however some things just can't be ignored. In light of one recent worldwide event, I'm compelled to express this Light Being in another manner. I was saddened to see the elated faces of the American Society with a death of one man causing a Nation so much grief. Yet I understand the illusion of joy created by such an event. Remember our joy comes from within and through the experiences of life totality. I came across a quote this week speaking to my heart and soul. The quote is as follows:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Remember we all made a choice to participate in the evolution of humanity. All beings, all life forms are equally important. I am not defending nor condoning the actions of one man, nor the actions of others. I'm accepting the growth of humanity as a result from the actions. Most of us regret actions taken, yet from those actions we have grown. Most of the choices made, were predetermined, we then come to understand why we made the choices. Our choice is not ours alone to make. The Creator assists us in making the choices for the greater good of humanity. It is when our human brain/ego gets in the way of the choice process. We feel and think we are greater than all and impose our thoughts and ideology on others. This is how our pockets of society are created.

The society we create is a small cultural community.  We find commonalities to bond one another, whether the commonalities are faith, purpose, or any binding agent. Each society has one voice. Each person intently listens and follows directions from the one voice, times blindly. During this process we lose our own voice. Then when there are issues to loosen the bond, we get angry or disappointed, because we lost our bond to an idea and not the person.

We are bonded together because we are ultimately one voice talking, singing in unison. We are humanity operating on different levels of experience and working to raise other vibrations to join in to fully enjoy Life. Our life starts from within, with holding nothing and experiencing everything we created. We are three dimensional beings, thinking one dimensional, living in a six dimensional universe. All we know and desire to be in inside us. What we know is the light source emitting from one another (human, animal, and insect) is the same light connecting and created us. Our life is as equality important as any animal or insect. They have their purpose in the world, just as we do. The animals and insects are the examples we should live by when it comes to caring for our Home, the Earth. They are the examples when it comes to coexisting on Earth. Just because we appear to be different, does it mean we are different?

We are spiritual beings, trying to be human. As we humanly mature, we forget we are spiritual beings. Until we spiritual mature, we will always be at conflict with self and others. The life we choose to live is just as important as the person living lavishly or the person who is homeless. We have to reawaken the true self, spiritual self in all of us to fully experience the true value of life.

The value of life is taken for granted daily. I understand and know the difficulties of becoming aware in a bogged down society and "living". The question is, are we really living or just surviving until we die? Know that we are flesh and we experience the fleshy, material world as it is. Yet there is no accountability for the undesired outcome. We only account for the desired creations. Also, we take the lessons learned from those outcomes to move forward and transform self materially and energetically. Are we are who we are because of what we chose to experience or because of others influence? This is where the true sense of value is gained. I leave these questions to you for self-answering...
Are you valued?
Do you value the life of self and others?
What does being value or validated mean to me?
How do I cultivate the feeling of self-worth?

Be thankful this day and everyday to see the value of self and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the progress made for self-validation.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know we are equal participates in the society and humanity created.

Vessel of Life

Bringing me through the darkness into the light of this world

The budding seed of life and light

Carrying me like the light of the universe with care and grace

Nurturing me like rain to earth

As I grew you became my earth

I gravitate to you

Keeping me centered and grounded

Deeply rooted in the existence of life

Necessity is the mother of all invention and you made me

My guardian

My angel

Keeping me safe from the world’s pain

The shelter when I had nowhere to run

The peace when there was chaos

You bared my cross and carried your own to breathe me life

I honor the energy you conceived in me

Caught in the glow of your smile

Following in your steps to make my own as you held my hand

Resonating with your touch

Keeping me strong

Overcome life obstacles with your faith

Enjoying life while being oblivious to the behind the scenes of magical moments

Unconditional love regardless of mistakes

Discipline cause it was the right thing

Then to wipe away tears now knowing everything is ok

Doing what is done cause you taught me well

Living with purpose and joy

Feeding this soul with an abundance of love and care

Without knowledge and understanding you filled me with faith and dreams

I can be anything

A simple embrace and I know the warmth of your bosom brings a brighter day

The sun in your smile brings on a joyful glee

Knowing and feeling your spirit no matter where I am

Carrying you

As you carried me

In the heart

In the soul

In the energy conceived

I am child

I am life

You are the vessel and we are one life

Protecting the young

Comforting the heart

Educating the mind

Developing the body

Cultivating the spirit

Allowing me to be as I am

So many tasks not asked of you

So many duties obligated by you

You are the first word

You are the giver
You are the vessel of life