Thursday, April 21, 2011

Self Balance

Be thankful this day for Self Balance.

We are entities of matter and energy. We are constantly out of balance because it is easier for us to see and feel the matter we are. As a species, we put so much emphasis on the material world, our appearance and any tangible objects. We were taught to "believe it when we see it." However don't we have faith in our thoughts? Our thoughts are energy, then transferred to matter when written down on paper or manifested in the form of matter. In order to achieve balance we have to come to full awareness of both halves of self, energy and matter. The question now becomes how can we come into balance, harmony with self?

There are natural opposites in life. Our human brain often mistakes these opposites as challenges. The reason why they are seen as challenges, because they go against what we were taught and learned. From the time we are children, we are taught to problem solve in on way. We were taught to stick to what was learned. Our brain can't conceive of any other way to perform certain actions or comprehend facts, because of our teachings. Opposites are part of the natural flow of existence. In order for us to expand our thought process, we must look at our opposites. The opposites are natural for us to grow our brain and let our mind conceive endless possibilities. Our mind is the brain of the soul, the energy of matter. Once we allow the mind to take over, we open ourselves up to no longer seeing opposites. We only see balance.

Having balance is fundamental in everyday living. Somehow we have to find the right mix of balance to care for one self. Taking care of self is critical, not just the matter nor the energy, but both halves. In order to find the right mix, we have to ask self what it needs. Our needs differ from day to day, but if there is a loosely structured routine followed then the desired adjustment is made to care for self. However if there is no routine, both halves are at the extreme opposite and need great attention. Hence the reason for medical attention in some cases, others need to pay more attention to self. Our soul speaks to our body and we have to become aware of the messages. I understand we can't always fulfill our concern immediately; however our mind can create what our environment can't.

Our mind, the brain of the soul can take us places we wish to go. At times we can create a place so vivid it will eventually manifest itself. The place we create is a place bringing us levels of joy and healing, if desired. Our mind can create whatever we desire. All we have to do is sit and paint a mental picture, or just stare at an image and let our mind do the rest. With this practice, we create a passport to the soul. This grants us permission to look deep within to fix what is broken, to release unwanted baggage, and ultimately be our true self. Our true self is the perfect balance of who we are.

To achieve the perfect balance of self, it takes years of work and constantly fine tuning. Recently I've come to a place where I had to tear down all once believed to build a stronger foundation to stand on. To have a sense of starting over is frightening, yet liberating. It leaves you with a sense of creating daily and throwing out all once learned. Sometimes to have self-balance, we have rid self of all things, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions, to create a new normal of self-balance. This form of internal "spring cleaning" expands the mind and soul to accept new ideas, perceptions and awareness of self. To maintain balance, we have to check in with self. Our balance is key to living in a collective state. Remember, we are one unit called Humanity. When one is affected or infected we are all.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural opposites to flow in expanding thoughts.

Be thankful this day and everyday for energy transforming into matter, creating new levels of harmony.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the constant fine tuning to achieve balance within self and the world.


The process to endure

the honesty of emotions living in the moment

Accepting the stirring of emotions

the range of darkness
emerging to light defying

Contemplating old habits

to service and heal the moment
recognizing they will do no good

Flooding of confusion sets in

what to do
how to feel
where is the filter
tears fall watering the garden of truth

Released the pain given from the life intruder

accepting my truth
joy brings peace
light is love where all is processed
love is who we are
love is a healing force