Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Forward

Be thankful this day for moving forward.

At times moving forward can be difficult if we are unable to see the path lying ahead. However, the path ahead is not as important as what is happening now. As a collective we have been conditioned to plan our whole life. From childhood, we have been bombarded with images and badgered with the infamous question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" We also responded innocently with the politically correct answer; well at least the answer our parents and school teachers expected. This is when we take on others energy of exceptions of our self. We lose our self in others ideas about us, we forget about who we truly are. I can personally say I had a different life in mind. The life I had in mind was an image portrayed a reflection in society at the time. Honestly, in this moment, I'm much happier living the life I chose. The question is now how can we move forward living the life we want and not the one portrayed in society?

This is a tricky one, only because the image portrayed is the one we created as a collective; even though it's the work of previous generations. Now we are changing the status quo, in how we should live and the image projected in the world. The projected image is changing and happening all over, because of the time shift and acceleration in the awaking consciousness. The awaking conscious mind has set new intentions to create a new humanity, one in perfect balance with the Divine, Self and Collective. The new paradigm will allow us to live in the true heart's desire and supporting us in every step of the way. In order to live in this new place, we must first release any old thoughts, ideas and behaviors no longer supporting self.

Most of us lives in a place where "might makes right" or "eye for an eye". Holding on to such clichés or baggage, can no longer serve self, and hinders self from potential growth. How can we move forward if we are carrying so much weight? Obviously we can't. This is when we come to analyze our self and throw caution to the wind to release the unwanted. This is the time to "man-up" and deal with whatever is hindering you. If you are in your own way, get out of your own way. Find a place to see what has been troubling you. Seek the desired guidance to get out of the way of personal growth. If you desire forgiveness or to be forgiven; you must seek the party whom hurt or wronged you. Speak up and use your voice. If you have no way of contacting them, taken a moment and speak the words of forgiveness in meditation or prayer, or write a letter, then burn it. The importance of forgiveness is the sincerity of the act. Forgiveness is one of many ways to move forward in one's life. It is the main ingredient of letting go to allow yourself fulfillment of joy and self expression. Times we hold on to the baggage for long periods, but ask yourself, why am I holding on to something of no service of value to humanity. When we hold on to such emotions, we add to the chaotic and polluted collective energy. It is now time to clean it up!

What triggers us move forward and live the life we ultimately desire? This is an answer you have look within for. Moving forward is a healing process of releasing the undesirable. Through this process we can move forward while being present with our self. We can plan for the future, yet remain flexible if things aren't exact. As individuals and collective there has to room for flexibility. When we are flexible we can grow and not be hindered by the one track mind. Times we get so caught up in our plans; we forget our plans affect others. When one person moves forward, we all move forward; some of us are faster than others. No soul is left behind. We all make the choice to grow or stay stuck. Which one are you?

Be thankful this day and everyday to see the path ahead and remove others expectations of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for forgiveness to aide in the moving forward process to let go.
Be thankful this day and everyday to help others move forward in their life.

Trigger Point

Finding sweet release from the less of me
Allowing all else to be

Living in perfect harmony of self
The balance of energy flowing through me

An access point to view what truly is
Living in a space of certainty

Being touched by divinity
Opens fulfillment of the true self

Touching others through inspiration
Brings humility and nobility of acts rendered

From one point to another
Interconnected to move forward
The inner peace lying beneath