Thursday, September 30, 2010

Higher Self

Be thankful this day for your higher self.

Our higher self is our authentic form connected to the Divine Source, from which we are created from. Our higher self shows itself in many ways. It is our super-conscious expressing itself and experiencing the life created. As children, we lived through our higher self. Our higher self is curious, jovial and accepting. It enjoys expressing itself naturally and fully. This was easy for us as children, because of we lacked the maturity as adults to comprehend the awareness surrounding us; it was just accepted. By society standards and laws we are adults at the early age of eighteen, however buy spiritual standards we don't reach adult maturity until forty-nine. We were born or reborn to into the world, because it has changed since our last visit or completely new for the first incarnated souls. We have to become familiar with the surrounding forces and entities. Our higher self is curious at our early stages of life, yet very aware. There are not blocks or judgment, only acceptance and learning. We desired to know all about the "new" world and its offerings. During the human development process, the brain takes over and we lose the sense of higher self. Our higher self still continues to work with us, whether we are aware of it or not. The other way it expresses itself it’s through intuition.

Our intuition is the key to our survival in our human expression. It's our early warning system for ourselves and others, if we allow it to be. It is also our connection to our soul group, i.e. family and close friends. Intuition acts as a guide for our purpose. As humans we call it our intuition; however it's simply our higher self guiding our human self. Since human self is being guided by our higher self, ultimately we are guided by the Divine Source. The connection between the two can be ignored if we are not aware of the role it plays in our daily life.

When there is a strong connection felt with our higher self, all senses are heightened. The bodily energies are flowing, creating self empowerment. This sense of self empowerment can occur in various life threatening situations, a sense of motivation, or at will. The empowerment felt drives us to our purpose(s). Knowing there will be or have been instances where a survival instinct has kicked in, fight, flight or flee. This moment can extend itself for a few more moments or last for months. Not saying our human self is not capable of handling certain situations, however we do need guidance to take the appropriate action.

Just like our human self, our higher/spiritual self needs to be cared for and nurtured. When we speak to ourselves, or higher self is sending us a message, we have to listen. The messages sent are for the benefit of our human self. When the messages are ignored, we beat up on ourselves and regret we didn't listen to the message. This was more than likely a lesson in listening. Make no regret of the situation. All things happen for a reason. Sometimes when our higher self sends a message it can be for someone else close to you, i.e. premonitions. The person may not be aware of what is going on around them, so you are a messenger to help or guide the recipient of the message.

Through years of natural development, our higher self acts much like the Divine Source, since we are Its creation. No one really understands just how the Divine Source moves in our physical and can create all It does. All is just accepted by those who believe. With the blind faith of the Divine Source, should we offer ourselves the same level of faith? Our higher self is connected to the Divine Source, so in essence if we have faith in It, shouldn't we have equal faith in ourselves? We are the creation and extension of the Divine Source experiencing life. Our higher self is our Divine Source or God Self.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance and protection the higher self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the awareness and to have faith in your higher self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the connection to the Divine Source through our higher self.

The Absolute

Two guarantees
Life given
Life taken
The moving of a soul for centuries an end leaving traces of essence to pick up and start again

Having a duty
Having a dream to sustain the vessel chosen
Understanding limitations to surpass only to complete what is and will be

All the in-between time filled with desires only understood by self and made clear to those to intersect the life path 

Returning the favor of life to self recovering from the strain of pain aimed to the soul surviving for centuries damaged for one life time

Leaving behind worldly possessions with a satisfaction of a job well done
Soaring through clouds in absolution of life