Thursday, March 11, 2010


Be thankful this day for home

When most of us think of home, we think of our physical residence. What makes our physical residence a home? It is the love energy we pour in to our physical residence. This why our friends and family feel welcomed and loved where we live. As the old saying goes "home is where the heart is." This is very true. It is true because on a soul level our heart guides us to loving environments. These environments nurture our soul. As children in the development stages of life, even in the womb, we are very observant of the environment nurturing us, home. The energy of this home or any other environment helps to shape our soul and emotions of what home should feel like. The feeling of the environment nurturing us will be mimicked as we grow older.

As we create our own space, we draw the knowledge gained from childhood. What we forget is home is within us. Home is wherever we go. Home is also our sanctuary a place to find solace and heal our soul. As we come into this understanding of home, we grow more comfortable in the presence of others, ourselves and God. Our home, our soul is a sacred place and should not be taken for granted or desecrated. Not saying you shouldn't have tattoos or any body art. As long as you are doing it for you and understand the purpose and connection to it. We are humans experiencing life. Our home, our soul is connected to other souls and God. No matter if we are living flesh or a guided spirit, we know our home. We know our place with the Creator and within us. We are always home.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the love energy to fill our sanctum.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the home living in us daily, our soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom to care for our sanctuary.


Storms Clouds are gathering

the fog rolls in and I’m

lost in the mist

looking for my sanctuary

a place that I can call home

Creating my place my space

a parallel plane pursing

places that my mind drifts to

dreams fantasies realities

past and future

Displaced emotions losing myself in day to day life routines

wishing wanting praying striving for better days

changing my vibe leaving that old shit behind

A ray of light peaking through the clouds

now lined with sliver my home is in sight

bright as a summers day

warm as a hug with care

comfortable as the bed I lie

precious as the one whom gave me life

I’m home

I’m home