Thursday, November 26, 2009


Be thankful this day for receiving.
Receiving is more than just taking an object, whether it's physical or spiritual. As a culture, we take all the time with out knowing it. Example if someone gives us a paycheck, (any form or currency) or a gift or even their heart, the object is taken with no emotional attachment. Receiving is different from taking, receiving is filled with gratitude and/or joy. There is always an emotional attachment to receiving. How do you know the difference between the taking and receiving? Your heart and spirit will let you know. If you are constantly giving, your heart and spirit may not know or understand how to receive.

Receiving is just like giving. We give from our heart. We give because we know there is more. Though some of us may not give from our heart, it maybe due to fear or out of obligation. It's ok to let go, for there is more. When we give from our heart, nothing is expected in return. As we receive, it's not expected. It's a joyous feeling to both give and receive.We have to be open and receptive to both giving and receiving. It's a two way street. Once we give from our heart with joy, we receive the same. At one time or another we have individually experienced both giving and receiving on a joyous emotional level. Remember those feelings of joy when it occurred. Understand the more we have, the more we can give, the more we can receive. There should be no one in this world that should be without. On this day of thanks, be thankful everyday for gratitude itself. Be thankful this day and everyday for the gift of receiving. Be thankful this day and everyday for joy of giving and receiving. Be thankful this day and everyday for abundance.

Shatter Shot

Wanting the desire to be in constant flow and awareness

The subconscious leads to the ever flowing energy to manifest inner most passions

Operating on the frequency of love anything can be accomplished

Focused on the passion of happiness and value brings elatedness

Connecting the pathways of the mind to match the goals of the heart take time and patience shall prevail

Knowing that God has your best interest in hand you have the tools to sense and understand self value and worth

Then too let it all go and let it be only to follow the path laid before thee

Exploring the vastness of the subconscious making connections and any alterations as time proceeds bleed a new life

Letting the past go suffer no more discover the true self no more fleeting only believing

One collective thought connected and intertwined lending to sheer will of true nature of self who am I

Gravitational insight of being grounded through meditation finding answers to what is and what isn’t

Take me back to the beginning of me pure energy released unto the spirit let loose on the universe no one has forsaken thee

Awake and alive livin’ in the presence and awareness of the first and true self living with purpose and passion

Shattered preconceived notions created to identify with the world

Now healed and claimed the rightful place of mind through discipline and visions
Now one with the mind connected infinitely given way to the energy of a higher conscious no longer in pieces fragmented yet whole in control one with all true formless beings